By People Staff
September 22, 1975 12:00 PM

2 Mail

4 Up Front

The Kennedys celebrate Rose’s 85th birthday

Wall Street “fixer” Felix Rohatyn tries to save New York City

Fanne Foxe, the Tidal Basin Bombshell, kisses and tells

Czech tennis pro Martina Navratilova pledges allegiance to the USA

Astronomer Bart Bok says astrology is bunk

21 In Style

Bronx-born Calvin Klein is ready-to-wear’s new fashion favorite

24 In Her Own Words

Author Midge Decter talks about why kids today are floundering

33 Sequel

The immortal Jim Thorpe might get his medals back

34 Star Tracks

36 Host

Britain’s king of Continental cuisine is a Yank named Robert Carrier

43 Crime

Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald is accused again of murdering his family

49 Lookout

50 Bio

Flaky Phil Spector invented rock’s roaring “wall of sound”

54 Out of the Pages

Through Hollywood’s looking glass with raconteur David Niven

58 People Puzzle

60 Inventors

62 In the Money

Junkman Toby Halicki’s scrapyard movie is a $10 million hit

64 Teacher

John Hall takes his archeology classes to a dive

66 Couples

Marriage on the rodeo circuit is a rough ride

70 Medics

Philadelphia doctors try to put a baby’s heart in the right place

72 Arts

Collector Harry Packard is the mystery man of Oriental art

76 Chatter