December 25, 1989 12:00 PM


42 George and Barbara Bush, in their first joint Oval Office interview, talk politics, family and pocket change

48 Jack Nicholson, as Batman’s Joker, romped in a role that fit him as closely as his white greasepaint

50 Arsenio Hall, hippest night owl of them all, hopped to the top of the talk show totem pole

52 Robert Fulghum’s unlikely best-seller, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, went to the head of the class

54 Julio Berumen, the San Francisco Bay Area earthquake’s pluckiest survivor, takes his first steps with a new leg

57 Princess Anne, once Britain’s least-liked royal, became an object of desire

58 Mikhail Gorbachev shrugged when the Eastern bloc cracked—-and proved he’s serious about perestroika

60 John Goodman, TV Barr-tender and newly minted movie star, is an extra-large hit in any medium

63 Gaia, the Greek earth goddess, lends her name to James Lovelock’s daring theory that the planet itself is alive

69 Manuel Noriega gave American leaders fits, but the Panamanian dictator may be nearing his last hurrah

72 Michael Milken, junk bond entrepreneur, made $1.1 billion financing corporate takeovers—but his indictment brought an era to an end

75 Billy Crystal learned that orgasms can be faked and became a genuine sex symbol When Harry Met Sally…

76 Paula Abdul, no longer just Janet Jackson’s footwork coach, stepped out as a song and dance sensation

78 Spike Lee, director, raised a ruckus—-and important questions—-with his film Do the Right Thing

80 Ellen Barkin is tough, vulnerable, smart, very sexy and doesn’t quite add up—which may be why she’s so riveting onscreen

83 Madonna, in another typical year, irked some Christians, split from Sean, dallied with Warren and got canned by Pepsi

84 Deborah Gore Dean saw government as a game show and helped her friends cash in and win valuable prizes

86 Pete Rose, who battled bad press, Baseball Commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti and his own demons, took a called strike three

88 Pablo Escobar, Colombian drug lord, markets death by the kilo while evading an outraged citizenry

93 Salman Rushdie published the controversial The Satanic Verses and now lives with the threat he’ll perish

94 Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys added a dash of hot pepper to

a delicious dish

97 Elizabeth Morgan, jailed for shielding her daughter from alleged sexual

abuse, was freed at last

100 Robert Mapplethorpe, photographer, rattled the art world and Jesse Helms with a shocking retrospective

102 Capt. Al Haynes crash-landed a crippled DC-10 in Sioux City, Iowa, saving lives with grit and cool

104 Donna Karan’s DKNY collection secures the designer’s position as high fashion’s newest mogul

Publisher’s Letter 3

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Picks & Pans 8

The best, worst and weirdest of 1989

Courthouse Couture 106

We pass judgment on the trial garb of JimBakker, Leona Helmsley and John Gotti

Sequels 108

Updates on Grumpy, a shipwreck survivor and the curse of the angry prom date

Late Greats 123

A fond farewell to Olivier, Bette Davis and others

Click! 130

Garbo, Madonna, Ted Kennedy and Ivan Boesky get framed

Inspirations 136

A tribute to those who raised hopes, from Greg LeMond to the Central Park Jogger

Turn Back Time 147

Cher, Hef and Liz jump the generation gap for love

Grand Entrances & Graceful Exits 154

The Berlin Wall tumbles, Jane Pauley de-Gumbels

The Price Was Right 164


Field of Bad Dreams 170

Spiked! Caught stealing! From Adnan Khashoggi to Zsa Zsa, few, it seemed, were safe in’89

Di Takes A Walk 172

Princess Diana did nothing this year, perfectly

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