By People Staff
April 28, 1975 12:00 PM

4 Mail

10 Up Front

President Ford gets friendship and prayers from another Reverend Billy

Sweater Girl Lana still wows the customers

A bearded John Ehrlichman mystifies Santa Fe

Jack and Micki Scott beat the FBI at hide and seek but say they haven’t seen Patty Hearst

Lobbyist Phyllis Schlafly makes war on the Equal Rights Amendment

27 Sequel

Liz Carmichael comes out of the closet and into the clink

28 Medics

At 95, Dr. Charles Lowman is still practicing his healing art

30 Bio

Jim “Catfish” Hunter sold only his right arm to the Yankees—-not his soul

34 Lookout

A Bay State mayor

A classical guitarist from Canada

39 Happy

A French parachutist lands right on target—at his own wedding

40 Couples

The mixed-media marriage of Tom Wicker and Pam Hill

44 Adventure

For Richard Tison, Paris in the spring is a time to bounce

46 In Style

From Maxime de la Falaise McKendry, things to wear and eat

50 Off the Screen

Ellen Burstyn isn’t getting older, she’s getting better

54 Star Tracks

Loren and Ponti

The Matthau family

A freed Bulgari

Ted Kennedy

Miriam Makeba and daughter

André Previn

58 In Her Own Words

A psychologist questions the rush to adopt Vietnamese orphans

62 Over the Tube

Volatile Robert Blake rebounds in Baretta

66 People Puzzle

69 Teacher

Betty Friedan, “The Pope of Women,” is a provocative professor

72 Chatter