April 21, 1975 12:00 PM

4 Mail

6 Up Front

After a terrifying fall, dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov bounces back

Terry Gruber, editor of Vassar’s yearbook, gets an “X” for effort

Naomi Bronstein’s agony during one of Vietnam’s worst moments

Vietnamese war orphan David Nga finds a new home in Missouri

21 Couples

The laid-back life of Paul and Linda McCartney

26 Sequel

Edwina MacKenzie remembers that night on the Titanic

28 Teacher

Poet A. R. Ammons gave up Mammon to follow his muse

30 Winners

Jay J. Armes, an armless private eye, is a real-life 007

37 Happy

The stork waited 13 months to bring Mrs. Haddock’s baby

38 On Stage

Everything came out cool for “Latin Inferno” Rita Moreno

42 On the Move

Richard Porcher fights Kuwait to save an island wilderness

44 In His Own Words

Percy Knauth tells of his struggle with suicidal depression

48 Lookout

Cross-country skier Bill Koch

Artist Melinda Bordelon

51 People Puzzle

52 Arts

Painter Francis Bacon finds high prices in his low life

54 To the Top

Goodbye, Bobby: Anatoly Karpov is the new king of chess

56 Star Tracks

Best man Hugh Carey

Betty Ford’s birthday

Jean-Claude Killy

George Foreman

The Shrivers’ Russian holiday

60 Jocks

Runner Francie Larrieu: A Ms. is good as a miler

62 Bio

After 68 years and 30 films, John Huston still rules the set like one of his own existential heroes

66 Chatter

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