March 24, 1975 12:00 PM

5 Mail

8 Up Front

Feisty Bella Abzug spends a whirlwind weekend in New York

Royal guests turn out for the wedding of the Earl of Lichfield

Former Nixon aide Bob Haldeman comes out of seclusion to talk to CBS

A co-ed runs into trouble with U.S. Customs and turns out to be Anne Hearst

18 Jocks

How racqueteer Victor Niederhoffer squashes opponents

27 Off the Screen

The shy woman behind Ann-Margret’s brazen front

32 Out of the Pages

Onetime British spy F.W. Winterbotham tells the Ultra-secret

39 Lookout

A schoolboy-hoopster makes his coach’s all-planet dream team

Maureen Morris goes down a salt mine and says she strikes dirt

40 In Her Own Words

Pop artist Marisol’s life is even stranger than her sculpture

44 Split

Corned beef and cabbage couldn’t save Jackie Gleason’s marriage

46 People Puzzle

54 Bio

S. Dillon Ripley II, a prince among bird watchers, runs the Smithsonian with the panache of Barnum

58 For a Song

Blind country singer Ronnie Milsap sees his way to a Grammy

60 Star Tracks

Ethel Kennedy

Wallace Muhammad

Joan Baez

Barbra Streisand

Bill Walton

Sonny Bono

David Hemmings

Peter Benchley

64 Medics

Kids’ play-doctor Jean Johnson cures fear with puppets

66 Couples

Ruth Ford and Dotson Rader are New York’s chic odd couple

70 Sequel

Survivors of a Yukon plane crash, Ralph Flores and Helen Klaben see their ordeal reenacted

72 Chatter

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