By People Staff
March 17, 1975 12:00 PM

2 Mail

4 Up Front

Instead of a Last Hurrah, Chicago’s durable Mayor Daley has a last laugh

The Ted Kennedys throw a bash for cellist Rostropovich and get a bear hug in return

In California more than 500 Synanon women stage a bald-in

The Lion of Lyon and friends cook up a storm

After her 1972 disaster, ski champ Cindy Nelson is schussing toward Olympic gold

21 In Trouble

Muckraker Rachel Scott gets mired in bureaucracy

22 Arts

The great Ansel Adams-Imogen Cunningham shootout

26 Split

A marital earthquake for San Francisco’s Mayor Alioto

28 In the Money

A 14-year-old prospector hits paydirt in Colorado

30 Sequel

The Portals’ private war starts anew

32 Couples

Seven months after his near-fatal stroke, Quincy Jones and wife Peggy Lipton are alive and brimming

39 Lookout

Neurosurgeon-to-be Carrie Walters is a sharp operator

11-year-old Carrie McDowell, another Garland?

Peter Schaufuss dazzles the critics with fancy footwork

40 In Her Own Words

Katharine Mali makes the case for death with dignity

44 Star Tracks

Luci Nugent

Steve Garvey

The Elliot Richardsons

Karl Malden

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Greta Garbo

51 Over the Tube

Out of the studio, Alan Alda is nothing like Hawkeye Pierce

56 In Style

The unmuggable Mary Conroy has some hints for women under attack

58 Teacher

Paladin is a Boone to New York acting students

60 Bio

Nabokov: a Nobel-class writer waits, wonders—and writes on

66 Chatter