December 28, 1987 12:00 PM


28 Ronald Reagan was going, going, then suddenly he was back, buoyed by an historic summit

32 Mikhail Gorbachev dazzled two nations—ours and his own—blending blunt talk and rough charm

34 Baby Jessica’s ordeal and rescue bound America close—first in apprehension, later in joy

36 Gary Hart’s miracle candidacy was buried on Bimini and reborn in New Hampshire

38 Lt. Col. Oliver North captivated the nation, then aroused in it a growing sense of misgiving

40 Princess Diana had royal-watchers wondering: Could her storybook marriage be saved?

47 Patient Zero, airline steward Gaetan Dugas, was the AIDS equivalent of Typhoid Mary

48 Cher, rejecting the movie industry’s brush-off, cracked its lineup of big, bankable stars

50 Lacroix, the outrageous new king of French fashion, proved haute couture didn’t have to be boring

52 Dennis Quaid made strong women melt when he fixed them with that irresistible Big Easy grin

54 Vincent van Gogh, a poor, unsung dauber in life, became the artist museums couldn’t afford

59 Church Lady, forgiving nobody’s trespasses, held sin-ridden ’87 to the flame

60 Michael Douglas shed his Mr. Mellow persona, revealing a supersexy movie meanie beneath

62 Donna Fawn Hahn, a woman of many faces, titillated and baffled a mesmerized public

64 Magic Johnson, living up to his name, pulled a basketball championship out of the hat

66 Bono, an uneasy hero but a voice of passion and conscience, made U2 the band of the year

68 Brigitte Nielsen cashed in her chips as Sly’s woman but was by no means a melancholy Dane

70 Tracey Ullman’s spirited TV comedy made her the most intoxicating British import since gin

72 Jerry Garcia celebrated the Grateful Dead’s biggest year yet with a solo show on Broadway

74 Oprah Winfrey turned from small talk on daytime TV to speaking boldly out on the issues

79 Donald Trump, master builder, showed what money and audacity could do for a man and his city

80 Glenn Close, in Fatal Attraction, gave the one-night stand a reputation it may never live down

82 Garrison Keillor bade Lake Wobegon adieu and followed his heart to places far from St. Paul

84 William Casey, as mysterious in death as in life, took his secrets beyond Congress’s reach

86 Tammy Faye Bakker, evangelism’s clown princess, praised the Lord and passed the mascara

Picks & Pans 12

Take a look at the events of the year through a slightly jaundiced eye—bearing in mind that it was a slightly jaundiced year—and compare your choices with ours for the Best and Worst among the year’s records, television shows, books and movies

How Fleet It Is! 88

The spotlight fell—albeit briefly—on a judge named Bork, a Holm-body called Passion Flower and a boxer known as Bonecrusher. And then someone pulled the plug

Fatal Attractions 92

The movies had no lock on mismatches in ’87, as witness the coupling and uncoupling of Donna and Gary, Madonna and Sean and others who should have known better

Lost and Found 102

Kate Smith came to rest; Dorothy Parker didn’t. Hands off, Juan Perón, let her RIP

Sequels 104

Prince Edward wallowed, raisins warbled and the ultrabimbo Angelyne grappled with aliens

Hail and Farewell 124

A picture gallery of notables—among them Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire and Liberace—who ran out of time in 1987 but left us with indelible memories

Double Takes 132

If you blinked, you missed Billy Joel, Liz, Richard Nixon and Dr. Ruth in some great moments

Garbage Barge 140

Adrift on the high seas in a vessel not of their choosing, Valerie Harper, Ivan Boesky, Dustin Hoffman, Lisa Bonet, Shere Hite, Bobby Knight and others whose reputations have not prospered this year look for the dubious port that might welcome their presence

Ending It All 142

A Christmas card, so that you and yours can curl up cozily by the fire without leaving the room

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