By People Staff
December 22, 1986 12:00 PM

The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1986

Sarah Ferguson reigns in Great Britain’s Prince Andrew and dazzles a nation 30

Ivan Boesky took Wall Street on a breakneck roller coaster ride to the cleaners 34

Dr. Seuss trains his silly and cynical sights on a new generation—grown-ups 36

Bette Midler debuts as a mom and scores a double-barreled movie comeback 38

Oliver North was Ronald Reagan’s cloak-and-dagger specialist—until the cloak ripped open 40

Daniel Ortega hunkers down in Nicaragua, vowing to fight to the finish for his junta 42

Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen, censured by Rome, symbolizes U.S. Catholic dissent 49

Bob Hoskins, the Frog Prince of actors, may challenge pretty Paul Newman for an Oscar 52

Terry Waite braves the Iran arms scandal and hopes to free U.S. hostages still in Lebanon 54

Howard the Duck takes a bad rap as the bird that cooked a movie studio’s goose 63

Greg LeMond, fastest man on deux pneux, wins a tour de force Tour de France 64

Run-D.M.C., the rap masters, raise eyebrows by Raising Hell on record and on the road 66

Paul Hogan, from Down Under, gives America a g’day as Crocodile Dundee 68

Debi Thomas iced a world figure-skating title, but what she finds really cool is medical school 70

Helga Testorf, Andrew Wyeth’s model, is the biggest news on canvas since Muhammad Ali 72

Tom Cruise sees the color of money as Hollywood’s top box office shark 74

David Letterman, patron saint of insomniacs, emerges as talk TV’s most talked-about host 79

Vanna White supplied the bubbles for Wheel of Fortune’s champagne success 80

Pat Robertson learns that running for President isn’t necessarily a heavenly exercise 82

Beth Henley, that mischievous Mississippi playwright, transports her humor to the screen 91

Jerome P. Horwitz’s 22-year-old cancer drug, AZT, gets drafted in the battle against AIDS 92

David Byrne of Talking Heads fixes his bemused director’s eye on Middle America 94

Max Headroom lacks depth, but he’s video’s hottest two-dimensional personality 100

Chief Justice William Rehnquist marches to the beat of his own very conservative drum 103

Whitney Houston, precocious pop debutante, kills the competition softly with her songs 104

Picks & Pans 14

A not exactly misty-eyed look at the events of ’86, followed by the year’s best and worst records, books, TV shows and movies

Wit’s End 106

Whether lampooning Lady Liberty or the Red Sox, cartoonists were as sharp as ever

Sequels 108

Gopher gets elected, Mike the Dog gets a series, Jan Kemp gets rich, Barbara Johnson gets richer

Tribute 118

Family members of the Challenger astronauts recall the personal moments that made their loved ones seem so special

End of an Era 126

As hosts or homebodies, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor always served up extravagance

Local Heroes 132

PEOPLE salutes seven selfless Americans who gave their time, money and, most of all, their hearts to help their fellow man

Americana 140

Armed with cameras but no inhibitions, 23 very young photographers expose life in the heartland

Losers 146

Susan Lucci, Pierce Brosnan and Burger King’s Herb lead the pack of this year’s also-rans

We the People… 152

In May 1787, delegates from a dozen bickering states came together to create a Constitution that has lived 200 years

Gotcha! 159

Camera-shy Madonna, Sean Penn, Jackie O, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross tried to dodge paparazzi but still got framed