July 29, 1974 12:00 PM

2 Mail

4 Up Front

Lee Radziwill splits from Prince Stas

Sinatra’s Down Under brouhaha

Earl Warren’s funeral

Ehrlichman after the conviction

Two American women have different ordeals abroad

14 Medics

A psychiatrist dispenses bear hugs and wisdom for almost nothing

18 In His Own Words

An expert on hostages coaches cops in a dangerous waiting game

22 Star Tracks

Liz and her latest

Little Olga takes a ride

Helen Hayes meets Donald Duck

Luci’s newest

26 Out of the Pages

Helen MacInnes seems infallible with derring-do

33 Lookout

Mathematical genius Arthur Rubin

“Wiz Kid” Stephanie Mills

34 Off the Screen

Faye Dunaway, the summer star

38 In Trouble

Bobby Berger the beleaguered balloonist

40 Bio

Angela Davis: a report on a woman radical

45 People Puzzle

46 Over the Tube

Can Fred “The Hammer” Williamson fill Dandy Don’s boots?

48 On Stage

Shirley’s back and Vegas has her

50 Couples

Ex-G.M. exec DeLorean opts for the deluxe model: Cristina Ferrare

56 For a Song

Eric Clapton, demigod of the guitar, is alive and well

58 In Style

Dick and Bebe size up a marvelous pad

60 Chatter

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