December 30, 1974 12:00 PM

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12 The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1974

Gerald Ford copes with a Presidency he didn’t seek

Why Patty Hearst can’t be found

Joe Hirshhorn gives away enough art to fill a museum

Watergate has strengthened publisher Kay Graham’s clout

Yasser Arafat is Palestine’s point man

Faye Dunaway’s comet comes back

Exile Solzhenitsyn finally gets his Nobel Prize

There’s a Vice-Presidency in Nelson Rockefeller’s stocking

Watergate Prosecutor Leon Jaworski talks about his days in Washington

Fear of Flying’s Erica Jong takes off

Francis Ford Coppola is the Godfather’s godfather

Muhammad Ali said he could, and did

The lonely tranquillity of Pat Nixon

John Glenn looks and talks a lot like Ike

Sherlock Holmes enjoys a mysterious revival

Woman priest Carter Heyward kept the faith but lost her pulpit

Stevie Wonder, the consummate music man

The hottest new thing for a city plaza is an Alexander Calder

Baseball’s Charlie Finley is as innovative, and abrasive, as ever

Governor-elect Ella Grasso is her own woman

Exxon chief Kenneth Jamieson rides a $30-billion tiger

Jimmy Connors wins at tennis, but he can’t land Chris

Gunnar Myrdal gives us more dilemmas to ponder

Valerie Harper, new TV queen

Mikhail Baryshnikov leaps to American stardom

58 Sequel

A look back at some of PEOPLE’s people whose lives have changed during the past year

64 Gallery

Compelling photographs that were too good to be seen just once


72 Losers

Astrologist Svetlana plots the charts of some well-known unfortunates and tells why a few may be next year’s winners; among them, Wilbur Mills, Joan Kennedy, George Foreman and John Dean

76 Personalities to Watch

Screen: James Caan’s turn to be superstar; Stephane Audran, Karen Black, Stockard Channing

Pages: More Masters and Johnson on sex; Antonia Fraser, John Updike, Lawrence Durrell, Sylvia Plath, John Kenneth Galbraith, Edmund Wilson

Tube: Stephanie Edwards draws a bead on Barbara Walters; Burt Lancaster, Cher, Norman Lear

Jocks: Maryland’s defensive ace Randy White; Catfish Hunter, Cindy Nelson, David Thompson

Arts: A bonanza in paintings from Norton Simon; Liv Ullmann, John Weidman, Frederica von Stade, I.M. Pei

Song: A relentless earful from Bad Company; Johnny Rodriguez, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Maria Muldaur

89 Democrats

A handwriting analyst gives some clues about Jimmy Carter, Henry Jackson, Ed Muskie, Lloyd Bentsen, Morris Udall, George Wallace and Birch Bayh

92 People Puzzle

A full-page double puzzle that’s twice as frustrating

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