By People Staff
December 27, 1982 12:00 PM

Special Double Issue

The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1982

28 Ronald Reagan offers his midterm views about politics, movies, getting mad and getting away

32 Joan Jett breaks the decibel barrier as the first lady of high-velocity rock

34 Ariel Sharon returns from the Lebanon invasion to face fury and anguish in Israel

36 Princess Stephanie, bereft at the loss of her mother, Grace, picks up her life in Monaco

38 Jessica Lange, finally proving her talent equals her beauty, scores in Tootsie and Frances

40 Herschel Walker marches through Georgia—and anywhere else he carries a football

42 Larry Gelbart says goodbye to his baby, M*A*S*H, but still writes zingers with a point

46 Margaret Thatcher turns from a Falklands victory to another tough fight—reelection

48 William DeVries captures the world’s imagination by implanting a replacement for a failed heart

54 Diana, Princess of Wales, delivers an heir and tries to deal with a private life in the public eye

56 Yuri Andropov emerges from shadowy years in the KGB to take the Soviet Union’s top job

59 George Wallace returns to Alabama’s statehouse with a new constituency—blacks

60 Paolo Rossi savors the six straight goals that led Italy to its first soccer World Cup in 44 years

62 Randall Forsberg’s call for a freeze on nuclear arms fuels a heated national debate

66 Norma Kamali cashed in with designer sweats and now reigns supreme on Seventh Avenue

68 E.T. is star of a movie that’s worth phoning home about—and writing letters to

72 Richard Gere wins his wings as a romantic lead in An Officer and a Gentleman

75 Sam Knox has the latest word on that big wet blanket on the sexual revolution, herpes

76 Andrew Lloyd Webber sets T.S. Eliot to music and completes a Broadway hat trick with Cats

78 Evelyn Waugh becomes a writer much revisited since Brideshead’s smash TV adaptation

82 Barbra Streisand, in Yentl, dares to start directing at 40—and play a rabbi-to-be in drag

84 Ted Koppel catches the network competition napping with his eye-opening Nightline news show

90 Kiri Te Kanawa, a New Zealand-born diva, hits an operatic high note, opening the Met

92 Sun Myung Moon faces more than a year behind bars for failing to render enough unto Caesar

95 Paul Newman seasons his career with brilliant work in The Verdict—and a salad dressing

12 Picks & Pans

Carol Burnett, Raquel Welch and others rate the year’s books, movies, records and TV shows; then the editors vote on their faves and flops

98 Losers

For young Ron Reagan, John De Lorean, M&Ms and others, 1982 wasn’t a very good year

102 Most Intriguing Couple

Having denied romance rumors when they were both at Bendix, Bill Agee merged with Mary Cunningham—then flubbed a takeover

106 Sequels

In which we update the stories of men and women—and a dog—whose experiences beguiled us in ’82, among them Sophia Loren, Freddie Laker and Shirlee Fonda

118 On the Move

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal sure party a lot, but what do they do off-camera?

120 Essay

Okay, so Real Men don’t eat quiche. But what defines a Real Woman? Our expert separates the Dollys (Parton) from the Dereks (Bo)

128 Forecast: Personalities to Watch

Song: Christopher Cross sets sail again, Kim Wilde vamps and Lee Greenwood goes countrypolitan.

Arts: Susan Jaffe is ballet’s sexy new darling.

Jocks: Middleweight champ Marvin Hagler searches for a superfight megapurse, Alvin Miller is high school football’s top college prospect, and skier Christin Cooper may be America’s snow queen.

Screen: Mark Hamill resumes the star wars in Revenge of the Jedi, Christopher Reeve dons his cape for Superman III and Sean Connery and Roger Moore are Bonded again.

Style: Azzedine Alaïa’s tight spring clothes are fit to be eyed.

Tube: David Soul Bogies in a new Casablanca, Peter O’Toole becomes Jodie Foster’s Svengali, and Bette Davis makes eyes at James Stewart for the first time.

Pages: Norman Mailer barges into Egypt, and Prince Charles is no hero to his ex-valet

155 Gallery

Lindsay Wagner, Sissy Spacek, Fernando Valenzuela and other new parents show off the future members of the Class of 2000

162 Puzzle

Double trouble, concocted from names of notables born during the 1946-64 Baby Boom