January 18, 1982 12:00 PM

On the Cover 94

Calvin Klein is the elusive New York bachelor who, at 39, is sewing up the fashion market—thanks to a boost from a sexy friend named Brooke Shields

Up Front 26

When the heat’s on in Israel, U.S. Ambassador Sam Lewis cools it by diving in the Red Sea

A gun pointed at John Lennon’s son Julian turns out to be a bad joke

Life begins at 40? Mac Davis, Tammy Wynette, Annette Funicello, Paul McCartney et al. find out this year

A determined husband-wife medical team, Howard and Georgeanna Jones, greet Elizabeth Carr, America’s first test-tube baby

Heirs 42

What Dr. Benjamin Spock did for baby books, his son Michael is now doing for kids’ museums

In His Own Words 49

Albert Goldman defends his steamy and controversial Elvis biography against Presley’s outraged fans

Winners 55

Bike salesman Sam Rubin bought a bad-tempered John Henry for a lark and a song ($25,000) and got the Horse of the Year

Arts 59

A onetime computer programmer, Rohan Joseph, now conducts the American Philharmonic at Lincoln Center

On the Move 66

Departing White House adviser Lyn Nofziger rates the strengths and weaknesses of longtime boss Ronald Reagan

Trouble 68

After defecting to Canada, Polish sailor Wladyslaw Zukowski embraces freedom—but longs for the family he left behind

Crime 79

Did Ruth Coe’s mother love go too far? Spokane police say it led to a murder plot

In the Money 87

Anthony Stout says he’s no spook—but clients hope his IRIS will outdo the CIA

Party 90

The beat goes on as Sonny Bono marries Susie Coelho in front of friends like Lynn Swann, Cathy Lee Crosby and Joan Kennedy

To the Top 101

Jazz singer Al Jarreau scats on over to the pop charts

Couples 105

Morgan Brittany, the new dame in Dallas, and stunt man Jack Gill, who faces the hazard in Dukes, are a TV twosome

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 10

Meryl Streep stars in NBC’s Alice at the Palace, and on CBS, PEOPLE toasts the year’s 25 most intriguing folk

Christina (Mommie Dearest) Crawford’s novel, Black Widow, is a book you want to beat with a coat hanger

Elvis Costello gives country music an English accent on Almost Blue

As far as ideas go, Rollover, the Jane Fonda-Kris Kristofferson film about international financial intrigue, is bankrupt

Star Tracks 72

Liv Ullmann shows off her daughter, Linn

Willie Aames monkeys around with model Phoebe Cates in Paradise

Mikhail Baryshnikov dances attendance on longtime idol James Cagney

Richard Pryor gives PUSH a shove

Karla DeVito’s seeing double

Regine kicks off a new year

People Puzzle 108

Chatter 112

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