April 05, 1982 12:00 PM

On the Cover 106

Incisive and independent, but not above putting faith in old-fashioned women’s intuition, Princess Grace surveys her bustling life and hopes for a shot at grandmotherhood

Up Front 38

Joanne Woodward, AM MacGraw, Diane Keaton, MTM and Dudley Moore are among the stars who shine for the arts

Kennesaw, Ga. adapts a tough new gun law: Everybody in town has to own one

A convalescing Henry Kissinger recalls the ordeal of open-heart surgery

In the Money 51

The Irish Sweepstakes and Waterford crystal keep Paddy McGrath in clover

Bio 55

He’s not knocking Spock, but baby doctor T. Berry Brazelton believes the last word on kids has not yet been spoken

To the Top 69

After a menacing illness and a film fizzle, Neil Diamond flies high again

Body 77

Dolores Krieger’s version of laying on of hands is a touchy subject with doctors

Lookout 80

Margaux Mirkin makes luxury cars affordable on a per diem

Screen 83

Britisher Ben Cross sprints to success in the sleeper hit Chariots of Fire

Couples 89

Pitcher Don Sutton and wife Patti tell how they saved their marriage from becoming a sinker

Crime 94

English courts release two female killers for an unusual reason: premenstrual tension

Sequel 98

The U.N.’s Lt. Gen. William Callaghan fights to keep peace in Lebanon

Tube 104

Actor-impressionist Frank Gorshin proves himself a man of many parts on ABC’s Edge of Night

Pages 115

Garry Wills tromps back through the Kennedys’ Camelot and finds it a wasteland

On the Move 123

Swoosie Kurtz takes a fling on TV’s Love, Sidney, but her heart still belongs to Broadway

Trouble 133

Librarian Lillian Giuliano throws the book at tardy borrowers—and says it’s long overdue

Heirs 139

Arndt Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, last of the reviled German arms-making clan, finds acceptance in Palm Beach

Mail 4

Picks & Pans 8

Cheryl Ladd gyrates in a special; Robert Guillaume helps bad angel Gary Coleman go good in The Kid With the Broken Halo

Alistair MacLean, a veteran of the intrigue novel, gets caught up the creek without a plot in River of Death

Soap opera star Patty Weaver turns rock singer, and Loretta Lynn, Sister Sledge and Chubby Checker have new LPs too

Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve are ensnared in a stagy film version of the Broadway hit Deathtrap

Star Tracks 63

Donny Osmond’s an also-ran on Broadway

A well-heeled Susan Kendall Newman celebrates her birthday

John F. Kennedy Jr. sports a new look—and a mystery date

Patrick Duffy gets tamed by the flu

Golfer Jerry Pate is happy to be all wet

James Garner monkeys around

Dyan Cannon screams for ice cream

People Puzzle 137

Chatter 142

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