By People Staff
August 10, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 84

At sweet 16, Brooke Shields once again raises a furor over teen lust with Endless Love—and mother Teri gushes over Brooke’s “first summer love,” John Travolta

Up Front 28

Screen legends Dorothy Malone, Patricia Neal, Virginia Mayo, Laraine Day and Viveca Lindfors rate ex-co-star Ronald Reagan

Master diplomat Philip Habib makes a fragile peace in the embattled Middle East

Frank Sinatra rakes in $2 million—and puts a South African resort on the map

Disaster detectives Bernard Ross and Roger McCarthy probe the Hyatt Hotel collapse

Lookout 43

Simian star Clyde Jr. banks on Bo Derek

Jocks 44

Actor Vince Van Patten would rather play tennis; now he’s taking his case to the courts

Arts 55

A 5’1″ “hummingbird,” Ruth Laredo, tackles the bullying oeuvre of Rachmaninoff

To the Top 65

Once an occasional pun satisfied Canadian John Crosbie; now he has more than he can recount

Bio 69

Four and a half years ago George Meegan went out for a walk; 13,000 miles later, he’s still moving on

Teacher 77

For kids in John West’s Chicago high school class, the ghetto’s their movie set

Out of the Pages 81

Russell Hoban imagines the world 2,000 years past Doomsday in his darkly brilliant fourth novel, Riddley Walker

In His Own Words 90

The crucible of birth order, explains psychotherapist Bradford Wilson, makes some children loners, others leaders

On the Move 95

The stock of ’60s rocker Gary U.S. Bonds rises again, thanks to old fan Bruce Springsteen

Spirit 101

Mother Angelica is praising the heavens via her own satellite cable network

Couples 107

Actor Stacy Keach hits the road with Barnum and a new bride, Jill Donohue

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Francis the Mule talks in a nostalgic revue, while Richard Chamberlain sings in The Slipper and the Rose

A new biography, Shadow Man, leaves unsolved the enigmatic life of Dashiell Hammett, creator of Sam Spade

Peter Frampton, on Breaking All the Rules, rocks hard, loud and not too enjoyably

Director Brian DePalma ensnares John Travolta in conspiracy in the gripping Blow Out

Star Tracks 51

Bowzer opens big at the circus

Robby Benson pirates Rex Smith’s role

Dick Cavett plays it cool at Montauk

ABC’s David Hartman swings in London

Sir Edmund Hillary enjoys a downer

People Puzzle 104

Chatter 110