By People Staff
July 27, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 70

Lawsuits fly as Bo Derek plays a lusty Jane in a controversial Tarzan remake that, according to husband John, is now less Bo than Bowdlerization

Up Front 18

The Senate’s ultraconservative jack of all tirades, Jesse Helms, provokes attack on the Hill—and worry at the White House

When talk show host Tom Cottle is doing an interview, his guests bare their souls, not their egos

Housewife Carol Thomason does a slow burn over the new “tanning tablets” that turned her orange

Three exiled leaders from Communist Southeast Asia renounce their anti-American past to seek money and arms for new battles with Hanoi

Crime 33

Forensic microanalyst Lynn Henson focuses on the Atlanta murders

Couples 42

With the picket lines ended, screenwriters David and Leslie Newman are buoyed by the ticket lines for their Superman II

Spirit 46

Faith helped gospel singer Merrill Womach survive a fiery brush with death

Bio 52

Tough guy Mickey Spillane takes a crack at a new MO: children’s books

In Style 60

This summer Janet Russo will make a cool million with her sultry sundresses

On the Move 63

When Tracey Cameron puts brush to bridle, carousels bloom anew

For a Song 69

American Joe Dolce went Down Under to record his hit about Italians, Shaddap You Face

Out of the Pages 76

Feline lovers are hissing over Simon Bond’s best-selling 101 Uses for a Dead Cat

In Her Own Words 80

Nutrition writer Jane Brody has a formula for a balanced diet: less meat and more potatoes

Lookout 86

Male model Thorn Fleming

Traveling nurse Randi Richner Glass

Inventors 89

When Terry Miller pulls his car up to an air pump, he fills the fuel tank, not the tires

Jocks 90

Rodeo bull-riding champion Don Gay is almost as ornery as the critters he rides

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Prince Charles prepares to get hitched, and Rona Barrett shmoozes with America’s rich

Shere Hite’s latest extravaganza, The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, is to social science what spin the bottle is to sex

New albums by Yoko Ono and George Harrison, among others, add to the still growing musical legacy of the Beatles

Roger Moore oozes 007 charm in another splashy Bond thriller, For Your Eyes Only, and breezes through The Cannonball Run with Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett

Star Tracks 38

Albert Finney takes some lip from Annie co-star Aileen Quinn

Caroline Kennedy surfaces with a new guy

John McEnroe turns rocker for Santana

Meet Mary Tyler Moore’s folks

George Burns dates a pen pal

People Puzzle 66

Chatter 92