July 20, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 74

Onscreen, Harrison Ford teams with Karen Allen, but the true star of Raiders of the Lost Ark is director Steven Spielberg, the wizard who made Jaws and Close Encounters too

Up Front 16

Twenty years after John F. Kennedy founded the Peace Corps, some volunteers look back with gratitude

Talk about unrewarding jobs! Mediator Ken Moffett has worked overtime to settle the air controllers’ and baseball disputes

If Roger Moore’s For Your Eyes Only has legs, it may well be because of those gorgeous gams in the ad, but whose are they?

In His Own Words 31

Now that it is getting its first woman, what other changes might shape the “Reagan Court”? Harvard’s Laurence Tribe speculates

Sequel 34

After almost a decade lost to booze and birds, soccer star George Best is married, a father, dry—and happy

In the Money 38

Merle Norman Cosmetics’ J.B. Nethercutt builds himself a beauty of a bank account

To the Top 45

Juice Newton has squeezed herself into a pop music form and now success is flowing

Inventors 52

“Abandon ship” is no cause for panic if you’re in a James Givens life raft

Discovery 55

Women in the military may create complex problems, political scientist Judith Stiehm insists, but they’re mostly in the minds of male comrades-in-arms

Party 59

With no more Studio 54, where do Peter Allen, Erik Estrada, Elizabeth Ashley and Eddie Fisher celebrate? Underground

Out of the Pages 62

With help from Norman Mailer, lifelong convict Jack Henry Abbott writes his way out of prison into a career

Out of the Past 68

A sharp-eyed tourist spots “Clifford Collier,” a long-lost American who was abandoned in China as a child

Arts 70

Dancer Moses Pendleton rates raves as “a cross between Fred Astaire and Bugs Bunny”

Couples 82

Stunt man-turned-director Hal Needham lassos David Janssen’s widow, while Burt Reynolds gives the groom away

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 8

Carly Simon sings, boxer Michael Spinks swings and Dan Rather stings in a Social Security study

British satirist Clive James salutes his future sovereign in Charles Charming’s Challenges on the Pathway to the Throne

Elton John is his wily old self in The Fox

Cheech and Chong go to pot again in another high-minded comedy, Nice Dreams

Star Tracks 72

Steven Ford’s got a job sloshing suds on a soap

Mick Jagger helps Jerry Hall turn 25

Teddy Pendergrass is in the Looney bin

Call Sophia love-Loren

Hotdog Suzy Chaffee cuts the mustard

People Puzzle 81

Chatter 88

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