By People Staff
December 07, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 71

The corn was as high as a talk show host’s eye when Johnny Carson explored his Nebraska roots on a sentimental visit to his hometown of Norfolk (pop. 19,450)

Up Front 46

Crusading physician Jack Preger accuses a Bangladesh flesh-peddling ring of selling stolen children for profit

At the premiere of Milos Forman’s Ragtime, a new generation of actors, including Elizabeth McGovern, welcomes back golden oldie James Cagney, 82

From Somerset Maugham to Nancy Reagan, Jerry Zipkin lives for his famous friends

Adventure 61

Cryptozoologist Roy Mackal searches for a monstrous quarry: a living dinosaur

Coping 65

Off the field, Dallas Cowboy Harvey Martin is all smiles, thanks to a rebuilt jaw

In the Money 79

Porcelain queen Helen Boehm has a china policy for the White House

Arts 85

At the behest of editor Jackie O, Deborah Turbeville photographed the hidden Versailles

On the Move 99

Tina Turner talks about touring with the Stones—and the bad old days with Ike

Host 113

Ex-model Joanna Haseltine and restaurateur husband Sheldon serve up the hottest celebrity eatery in New York

In Their Own Words 117

Sidney Sheldon’s novelist daughter Mary doesn’t always think father knows best

On the Stage 127

Guess who’s subbing for Lauren Bacall in Woman of the Year. It’s Raquel Welch

Couples 131

Director Ulu Grosbard and actress Rose Gregorio make True Confessions a family matter

Bio 142

Candice Bergen has a hot movie with Jacqueline Bisset, Rich and Famous, and a happy marriage with director Louis Malle

In Trouble 153

In his Hangover Handbook, author David Outerbridge soothes the wrath of grapes

Discovery 163

Philip Leslie takes stock of the Smithsonian and finds everything from antelope bones to Zuni pots

Over the Tube 169

Flying Skyward again, Suzy Gilstrap charts her own course as a paraplegic actress

Medics 177

To aid medical education, Joe and Margaret McGovern train actors to play sick

Lookout 181

Body 182

Wisconsin’s Wooden Door is a no-frills spa for Midwestern weight watchers

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 13

Timothy Hutton and Brenda Vaccaro star in a touching ABC family drama

Albert Goldman’s Elvis portrays Presley as a sordid, bloated, ultimately pitiable man

Olivia Newton-John fleshes out her image on the dynamic LP Physical

In the futuristic Looker, villains boggle the minds of Albert Finney and Susan Dey

People Puzzle 124

Star Tracks 140

Paul Newman and Sally Field, off the record

Charlene Tilton squeezes Johnny Lee

Carly Simon flashes a smile—and more

Pete McCloskey waffles

Ron’s ex, Jane Wyman, is the First Lady of CBS’ new Falcon Crest

Ringo Starr and Tom Snyder pair up

Chatter 184