November 30, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 38

A report on the lives of John and Caroline Kennedy (shown with their parents in 1963): He’s a junior at Brown University; she’s launched a career and a new romance in Manhattan

Up Front 44

Poet Allen Ginsberg makes a sentimental journey to Columbia University to celebrate the 25th birthday of Howl

Washington’s barefoot boy with cheek, David Stockman, is still the favorite son of St. Joseph, Mich.

Winners 53

Katie Beckett will be home for Christmas—thanks to an Rx from Ronald Reagan

Off the Screen 57

She had Burt Reynolds’ baby in Paternity, but Beverly D’Angelo tries marriage with an Italian duke

Over the Tube 61

At 28, former Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby goes head over heels into showbiz

Couples 65

Oil company mogul John Swearingen gets a charge from his high-octane wife, Bonnie

Host 71

When hunger strikes, Beverly Hills celebs call Jaye Tishman at Ms. Tish’s Quiche Co.

On Stage 77

David and Shaun Cassidy’s kid brother, Patrick, nixes teenyboppers for—would you believe?—Gilbert & Sullivan

To the Top 83

Millions of Japanese have a yen to watch TV hostess Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

Sequel 89

Pediatrician Helen Caldicott leads a doctors’ crusade for nuclear disarmament

In Her Own Words 95

Alison Lurie, author of The Language of Clothes, says you are what you wear

Bio 107

When the reclusive pianist Glenn Gould sits down at his concert grand, only the studio mikes are listening

Happy? 116

Joanne Woodward is riding high with a new horse farm, a Broadway hit…and her husband of 23 years, Paul Newman

Medics 125

With his cancer hotline, Richard Bloch of H&R Block proves that death and taxes aren’t inevitable

On the Move 130

Ken Kercheval, as Dallas’ Cliff Barnes, readies a comeuppance for J.R., but at home he’s nobody’s foil guy

Jocks 141

Football star Herschel Walker is Georgia’s man of a thousand moves

In Trouble 146

She lives in a New Delhi train station waiting room, and India’s Begum of Oudh wants her palace back

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 13

Steve Martin wings it on NBC and Cicely Tyson stars in CBS’ The Marva Collins Story

John Updike revisits a favorite protagonist in the affecting Rabbit Is Rich; George Harrison reflects in the disarming I-Me-Mine

Lena Home’s one-woman Broadway show sounds great even if you aren’t there

Time Bandits, a journey through the ages by a band of dwarfs, Sean Connery and some Monty Python alumni, is a bad trip

Want a timely gift? Buy a calendar

Star Tracks 103

For two weeks, at least, Raquel Welch will be Woman of the Year

Dustin Hoffman is no shrinking violet

Walter Cronkite gets down in K.C.

Famous Amos chips in to fight illiteracy

Ned Beatty gives the shirt off his back

People Puzzle 138

Chatter 148

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