November 09, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 104

One Day at a Time’s cutie Valerie Bertinelli shines in a CBS movie, The Princess and the Cabbie, and positively glows in her off-the-tube role as Mrs. Eddie Van Halen

Up Front 42

What makes California’s Gov. Jerry Brown run? God, among other things

Weatherwoman Kathy Boudin is captured, and former comrade-in-arms Jane Alpert reflects on the grimness of life underground

Anchoring CBS’ Morning with Charles Kuralt is a daunting task, but Diane Sawyer is up (early) to the job

Coping 59

Erma Bombeck takes her new TV series—and life in Hollywood—with a shot of wry

Spirit 63

Father Tom Smith’s high-stepping act lifts hearts—and raises eyebrows

Song 67

Lionel Richie has a hat trick of hits—with Kenny Rogers, Diana Ross and his old buddies the Commodores

Bonus Book 74

In an excerpt from a new best-seller, Henry Fonda considers his matrimonial failures (four out of five) and his successful children Peter and Jane

Words 95

Passages author Gail Sheehy separates the also-rans from the Pathfinders

Medics 113

Nurse practitioner Karon Gibson rushes in where doctors no longer tread—she makes house calls

Style 119

Faster than you can say Yves Saint Laurent, couturier Jack Mulqueen can knock him off—and American women love it

Happy 123

Babar, the peerless pachyderm of Laurent de Brunhoff’s children’s books, celebrates his 50th birthday

Winners 129

Counselor-turned-comic Mike Pritchard uses humor to disarm delinquents

Inventors 134

Buying a present for Lawrence Welk? Bubble machine maker Iwan Pestalozzi has just the thing

Party 139

Oil man Marvin Davis had Hollywood heavies gushing with his three-day Denver bash

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Elizabeth Taylor checks in on ABC’s General Hospital, and Dan Rowan and Dick Martin return with an NBC quiz show

The private lives of such literary figures as Truman Capote, T.S. Eliot and Alice B. Toklas are examined in Sextet

Carly Simon both flares and sputters singing standards on Torch

Candice Bergen and Jacqueline Bisset are glamorous, bitchy and very entertaining in Rich and Famous

Star Tracks 91

Brooke Shields unlocks Mayor Ed Koch’s heart with a skate key

Cab Calloway and Lena Home are a winning ticket at Aqueduct

Philippe Junot has a new American gam bit

Kate Jackson’s new vehicle is a bike

Jackie Onassis and Barbara Bush browse with the literati

People Puzzle 136

Chatter 142

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