September 14, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 114

Five-foot-two Dudley Moore staggers to stardom as Arthur’s endearing inebriate, but sees eye-to-eye with the perfect “10” in his life, six-foot songstress Susan Anton

Up Front 36

On the Pentagon’s E-Ring, the top brass say that the Libyan dogfight was notification of Ronald Reagan’s new hard line

Jackie O’s new neighbors on exclusive Martha’s Vineyard may be Indians with an ancient land claim

Commissioner Jack Svahn is the man on the Social Security hotseat

Someone in Skidmore, Mo. killed town bully Ken McElroy, and grateful neighbors won’t say who fired the shots

Coping 49

Vietnam war hero David Christian fights his toughest battles as a civilian

Medics 53

Dr. Robert Sanders leads a car-seat crusade to save youngsters from crack-ups

Couples 57

Archaeologists Eric and Carol Meyers have outdone Raiders by finding a real lost ark

Jocks 62

Tommy Hearns vows he’ll pummel Sugar Ray Leonard in their $40 million welterweight war

In Style 67

Carmen, the Brooke Shields of the ’40s, is back on top in the modeling game

Inventors 80

Is there a fly in your soup? Mince him with Martin Belokin’s deadly bug gun

To the Top 85

Jerry and Betty’s boy, Steven Ford, signs on as a Young and Restless soap stud

Lookout 89

Opera singer Gianna Rolandi aims to fill the void left by idol Beverly Sills

For a Song 90

Great fans? Gotham’s got ’em, but Kim Carnes, Isaac Hayes and other pop stars defend their stomping grounds too

Out of the Pages 103

Author Lynn Shahan says life in the single lane can be a joyous ride

In His Own Words 110

On the eve of National Grandparents’ Day, psychiatrist Arthur Kornhaber pleads for a new role for our elders

Sequel 121

At 49, the fourth man to walk on the moon, Alan Bean, has shuttled into a new orbit: art

On the Move 131

Jefferson Starship pilot Paul Kantner finds his way back after a scary brain hemorrhage

Over the Tube 143

Lou Grant’s Daryl “Animal” Anderson photographs life behind the Iron Curtain

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 9

“Here she is…” NBC weighs in with the 54th Miss America Pageant

Lawyer Roy Cohn pleads self-defense in his book, How To Stand Up for Your Rights—And Win!

Keith Jarrett’s Invocations/ The Moth and the Flame is a mixed metaphor and mixed success

First Monday in October stands accused of being a dumb movie

Star Tracks 107

Richard Chamberlain says yes to Noh

Oliver Reed takes a twirl with niece Caroline

Ringo Starr signs on the wrinkled line

WKRP’s Richard Sanders meets a porker

Score a literary coup for John Updike

Shelley Winters turns 59, philosophically

People Puzzle 138

Chatter 146

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