March 02, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 20

John Phillips and daughter Mackenzie describe a nightmare of drugs and their dramatic rehabilitation in an innovative New Jersey clinic

Up Front 26

Muckraker Donald Lambro provides the ammunition for Reagan’s war on waste

A rugged crew of weathermen on Mount Washington braves numbing cold and loneliness to study our freak winter

Jocks 35

Dorothy Hamill roots for a new ice princess, Elaine Zayak, who skates away with a U.S. championship

To the Top 47

In the corridors of congressional power, North Carolina’s John East is the only senator who travels on wheels

In Style 50

Threads by designer Jhane Barnes suit Elton John, Robin Williams and Richard Dreyfuss just fine

Happy 57

Philadelphia goes ape over Massa, a 50-year-old gorilla, and sculptor Eric Berg immortalizes him in bronze

In His Own Words 61

Readers remind him he’s not letter-perfect, but William Safire keeps minding the nation’s p’s and q’s

Bio 67

A demanding Dutch uncle, De Paul basketball coach Ray Meyer is gunning for his first national title

Party 76

For love of PBS and Carnegie Hall, Liza Minnelli, Beverly Sills and Jean-Pierre Rampal stage a gala benefit

Over the Tube 78

B-actor Jared Martin, who is Dallas’ Dusty Farlow, sees his career resurrected

In Trouble 82

John Belushi couldn’t improve on a real-life version of Animal House that gets 26 U of Illinois frat men booted

Host 84

A relentless adventurer, Sir Fitzroy Maclean takes up the challenge of being a Scottish innkeeper

Lookout 89

Sommelière Madeline Triffon

Hockey coach Gary Green

Couples 91

James Farentino and Michele Lee toast their current TV triumphs—but getting to their 15th wedding anniversary has been a struggle

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Diana Ross hosts Larry Hagman, Paul Simon emcees the Grammys, and ABC dramatizes the U.S. Olympic hockey champs

George V. Higgins turns out another idiosyncratic Boston crime novel, The Rat on Fire

Kris Kristofferson’s personal strife is his public’s gain in a biting LP, To the Bone

Lily Tomlin’s Incredible Shrinking Woman is a giant

Star Tracks 41

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow take cover

Gil (Buck Rogers) Gerard is sky-high

Pat Benatar says no pot, thanks

Erica (Fanny) Jong gives a reading

Rex Smith pirates Tatum O’Neal

Luxembourg’s Prince Henri plunges

Todd Fisher’s wedding stars Eddie and Debbie

Heloise marries her own Mr. Fixit

People Puzzle 94

Chatter 98

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