By People Staff
February 09, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 101

Wisecracking Tanya Roberts rushes in while Charlie’s Angels fill with dread, but she may be too street-smart to go the way of all Spelling-Goldberg flesh

Up Front 32

President Reagan turns 70—and maybe, like Michelangelo, Ben Franklin and Grandma Moses, his best is yet to come

Joan Kennedy finds a touching new assurance—and learns she can live without Ted

To families welcoming the hostages back from Iran, ex-captive Richard Queen offers this advice: “Don’t smother them”

In two sides of a tragic problem, post-divorce, Susan Downer’s children were stolen and Joe Sorokin stole his own

Party 47

Movie Godfather Francis Coppola saves a classic Napoleon from its Waterloo

Inventors 51

There’s an awful lot of sugar in Brazil too, and, thanks to Lamartine Navarro, they’re using it to run their cars

On Stage 55

In Lunch Hour, Jean Kerr serves up a philandering feast for Gilda Radner and Sam Waterston

In His Own Words 61

Judy Garland and Franz Kafka should have known what Dr. Elliot Weitzman discovered about beating insomnia

Host 66

Maida Heatter gives chocaholics their fix with her new book of positively sinful desserts

For a Song 73

Barbara Mandrell, Nashville’s other blond bombshell, storms the small screen with a little help from her sisters

Couples 76

Imprisoned cop killer Tommy Trantino has gained a new wife, an English professor, and now he wants his freedom

Coping 82

Having landed his first speaking role, the hard-of-hearing Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, talks of that triumph and past traumas

Teacher 90

Mike DeSisto runs a rigorous school for kids with big problems they can’t handle alone

To the Top 106

A chess queen at 15, Baraka Shabazz is about to enter the kingdom of U.S. Masters

Bio 109

Born wealthy, famous, handsome and talented, Jamie Wyeth has everything he could want except anonymity

Lookout 122

Author Richard Meyers

Soap star Lori Loughlin

Happy 125

Quieter than a pink panther, David Frost weds Peter Sellers’ widow, Lynne Frederick

Mail 9

People Picks & Pans 10

The Brady Bunch clan gathers for an NBC reunion and Jerry Reed revs up a CBS comedy

For those who bought, ate and built everything in his last volume, Stewart Brand offers The Next Whole Earth Catalog

Rod Stewart returns to basic rock on Foolish Behavior, but the title better describes the Blues Brothers’ new LP

Clint Eastwood is back, with pals Sondra Locke and Clyde the orangutan, in the sequel Any Which Way You Can

A Museum of Modern Art exhibit chronicles a century of change in photographing children

Star Tracks 86

Gloria Swanson scrutinizes Sissy Spacek

Joey Bishop subs for Mickey Rooney

Grandpapa Hemingway’s gals get together

The Plasmatics’ Wendy O. Williams offends

Marguerite Yourcenar cracks the club

Erik Estrada and Beverly Sassoon spoon

People Puzzle 92

Chatter 126