June 29, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 74

A year after his accident, Richard Pryor returns with Cicely Tyson in Bustin’ Loose (and Margot Kidder in Some Kind of Hero) but he says he’s quitting Hollywood—and drugs for good

Up Front 16

Ten grads—from a high-flying Foreign Service woman to a brassy trumpeter—are among the best and brightest of the Class of ’81

Israeli opposition leader Shimon Peres may be a casualty of Menachem Begin’s raid on Iraq

“Apolitical” until her daughter’s death, Candy Lightner is leading the crusade against drivers who drink and often kill

Happy 31

Actor George Segal’s banjo and Dixieland band bow (and wow ’em) at Carnegie Hall

In Style 35

Thanks to L.A. decorator Ron Wilson, stars like Kenny Rogers, Cher and Don Rickles never play in an empty house

Out of the Pages 40

British novelist D.M. Thomas checks in with The White Hotel, a literary best-seller

On Stage 44

The Pirates of Penzance conquers L.A. with a venturesome new crew—Pam (Mindy) Dawber and Bee Gee sibling Andy Gibb

In His Own Words 51

Foundation head John Coleman goes to prison undercover to study life behind bars

Bio 62

Ex-quarterback Jack Kemp’s big ground-gainer in Washington is his tax cut plan that some claim is giving him White House fever

Adventure 72

By exploring the wilderness, says China Galland. women can find themselves

On the Move 80

Christy Nolan, a gravely brain-damaged Irish schoolboy, kindles a controversy with his startling first book

Inventors 85

Sony’s Akio Morita created the ubiquitous Walkman, stereo music on the hoof

Couples 89

For Tom and Theoni V. Aldredge, Broadway is a two-way street: He’s a leading man, she’s the top stage costume designer

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 8

Except for a Michael Landon children’s special and tennis from Wimbledon, the tube is overrun with rerun movies

Summer readers might try John Gardner’s dazzling short story collection, John McPhee’s study of geology or the uneven second novel of Lisa (Kinflicks) Alther; but forget the Wallace family’s survey on sex lives of the famous

Helen Reddy’s Play Me Out does, indeed, play itself out quickly, but the latest LP by the British rock group the Rumour is bracing

Current movie pleasures stretch from domestic comedy—Alan Alda’s The Four Seasons—to a Western set in space—Outland, with Sean Connery

Star Tracks 57

Mark Hamill’s 2-year-old son Nathan plays Elephant Boy

Space shuttler Robert Crippen splashes down at Paris’ Moulin Rouge

Ingrid Bergman nixes retirement to portray Golda Meir

Marcus Simon Sarjeant fires blanks at Queen Elizabeth

Barbra Streisand is backup for Isaac Bashevis Singer

Robert Kennedy Jr. and Bruce Springsteen join forces to nuke the nukes

Busy Chevy Chase is at work on a new movie and a new girl

People Puzzle 86

Chatter 92

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