January 19, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 72

Now that Dolly Parton has stolen 9 to 5 from Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, she’s ready for Burt Reynolds but still true to her old-fashioned religion and new-style marriage

Up Front 30

Millionaire burglar Bernard Welch didn’t just steal it, he flaunted it

Roger Moore’s latest James Bond flick is sidetracked by a monastery full of some very mad monks

When the hostages come home from Iran, will the 53rd American held captive, Cynthia Dwyer, be with them?

Social Washington gets its first look at the eight Total Women around Nancy Reagan

Inventors 45

The latest Japanese electronic breakthrough teaches shopgirls how to bow the traditional way

Jocks 46

World record hurdler Edwin Moses has one more goal—to achieve recognition


In a second excerpt from James Michener’s best-seller The Covenant, Frenchman Paul de Pré covets his neighbor’s house and daughter

Couples 62

British designer Terence Conran and his writer wife, Caroline, define and cater to middle-class tastes on both sides of the Atlantic

Medics 69

Nurse Joy Ufema’s care of the dying inspires a Linda Lavin TV movie

To the Top 76

A sharecropper’s daughter, Juanita Booker, makes her national singing debut—at the Inauguration

In His Own Words 78

That civilized British art historian Kenneth Clark appraises famed beauties, past and present

On the Move 83

An ingenue turned institution, soprano Roberta Peters marks three decades at the Metropolitan Opera

In Style 87

Paul McCartney, Princess Grace and Sammy Davis all wear Kinloch Anderson tartans

Winners 92

At the University of Michigan, the latest campus craze is a make-believe mayhem called Killer

Lookout 99

Hairstylist Tina Cassaday

Judo champ Joey Wanag

Over the Tube 100

A suicide try during Vietnam behind him, Gregory Harrison finds success as Trapper John’s surgical sidekick

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 18

On TV, NBC premieres three new series, Bob Hope celebrates 30 years of jokes, and Frank Sinatra stages an Inauguration bash

Journalistic hit man Tom Wolfe lands a few blows in his new collection, In Our Time

Levon Helm, Emmylou Harris and Johnny Cash make crime pay in a creative album of country opera, The Legend of Jesse James

Amy Irving and Richard Dreyfuss score in The Competition, but Bo Derek can’t raise A Change of Seasons to more than a 6

People Puzzle 66

Star Tracks 90

Diane Keaton goes over budget

David and Keith Carradine meet a monster

NBC’s Fred Silverman expects a bomb

Petula Clark hears the sound of music

Ronald Reagan discovers a royal ancestor

Chatter 102

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