By People Staff
Updated May 04, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 96

Dumped by a suspicious Glen Campbell, saucy Tanya Tucker, 22, retorts that her 45-year-old country partner was insecure but adds, “I’ll always love him”

Up Front 36

A heartening get-together of the Iranian hostages proves that they and their families are recovering despite the dire forebodings

The investigation of a sheik’s torched mansion leads to fraud charges against Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Kurt Wagner

Upstart British designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel are thinking pink for Lady Di’s wedding gown

Out of the Pages 52

The networks are panting for TV rights to Shogun author James Clavell’s next beach-blanket best-seller, Noble House

In Their Own Words 56

Four out of 10 American girls will become pregnant in their teens, according to disturbing research by Joy Dryfoos and Richard Lincoln

Couples 63

Real estate dealer Evangeline Gouletas lands New York Gov. Hugh Carey, but will they be able to convert the White House into their condo?

Winners 69

California’s youthful work corps is full of good soldiers who’ve survived the harsh boot camp of ex-Green Beret B.T. Collins

Bio 81

Commissioned by everyone from William Paley to King Hussein, Aaron Shikler is the high-priced king of American portraitists

Spirit 90

Christian lawyer Lawrence Eck prefers to take his cases to church rather than to court

Heirs 103

Kentucky Derby trainer Larry Barrera got his horse sense from his famous dad, Laz

In the Money 106

Has Doug Rauch solved the peanut butter crunch with cottonseed?

Medics 109

Sometimes even a baby needs a shrink, contends psychologist Serena Wieder

To the Top 115

You can bet somebody’s knockin’ on Terri Gibbs’ door now that the blind C&W singer has a Top 10 single

In Trouble 121

Hit by D.C. apartment prices, Rep. James M. Jeffords becomes a live-in legislator

Body 122

Linda Rose shares hand-care tips that made her a top Madison Avenue model

Off the Screen 128

Makeup artist Rob Bottin of The Howling creates Hollywood monsters to die for

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Mickey Rooney clowns sadly on CBS while Farrah Fawcett returns in a compelling NBC melodrama, Murder in Texas

Kathy Cronkite, Walter’s daughter, writes of the burdens of celebrity offspring like John Ritter and Scott Newman in On the Edge of the Spotlight

Both James Taylor and The Who seem older and wiser in new LPs

The Love Boat’s Lauren Tewes is menaced by a mindless killer and a mindless plot in The Eyes of a Stranger, Burt Lancaster wins big in Atlantic City

Star Tracks 75

Valerie Bertinelli weds Eddie Van Halen

Tillie Olsen riddles some readers—and Grace Paley

TV’s new Cousteau is Benji

Vitas Gerulaitis is entwined in Paris

Mary Crosby gets kissed left and right

Christopher Cross sails again

People Puzzle 124

Chatter 130