March 23, 1981 12:00 PM

On the Cover 50

As a divorce suit looms, a spurned Jackie watches as Ari Onassis seeks solace in an old love in this final excerpt from the best-seller Maria Callas: The Woman Behind the Legend

Up Front 22

From David Stockman to Bum Phillips, from the national debt to Three Mile Island, here are the U.S.’s most horrendous headaches—and their owners

A barkeep with blarney taps Ronald Reagan’s Irish roots

Mass murderers Manson, Speck and Berkowitz contribute to the FBI effort to trap Atlanta’s child killer

Saturday Night Live’s dismissal of producer Jean Doumanian leaves Charlie Rocket and cast up in the air

Body 37

Still a big man in the State House, George Keverian is Massachusetts’ incredible shrinking (more than 200 pounds) legislator

Coping 41

WKRP’s Loni Anderson tells how stardom wrecked her marriage

Spirit 45

The tiny Schwenkfelder sect surges to the fore with two believers in Reagan’s Cabinet

On the Move 49

Clients Streisand and Reynolds have split, but agent Sue Mengers may have bigger plans

Jocks 69

Even a broken back couldn’t keep jockey Karen Rogers, 18, grounded

Couples 75

A new PBS series is a culmination of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee’s gutsy careers—and socko 32-year marriage

Discovery 89

Ohio sociologists Leonard Cargan and Matthew Melko find so-called swinging singles more often in the dumps than in clover

For a Song 92

All revved up for over a decade, REO Speedwagon roars to No. 1 with Hi Infidelity

In the Money 96

Taxman got you nervous? Researcher Susan Long thinks it’s time to turn the tables and audit the IRS

Off the Screen 99

Former waitress Cathy Moriarty punches up an Oscar nomination in Raging Bull

Lookout 102

Basketball whiz Patrick Ewing

Cookie chippie Debbi Fields

In His Own Words 105

Neonatologist Lawrence Gartner explains why the U.S. infant mortality rate has plummeted 37 percent in the last decade

In Style 112

Shoe-biz star Joe Famolare kicks off a new look for spring

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Kenny Rogers as the Gambler returns on CBS and Robert Blake plays tough on NBC

Kurt Vonnegut produces a tantalizingly unorthodox autobiography in Palm Sunday

Styx’ album Paradise Theater is short of heavenly; not so Emmylou Harris’ Evangeline

William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver and Breaking Away’s director-writer team concoct a sharp mystery, Eyewitness

The Star Wars characters, including original cast member Mark Hamill, land in a place where nobody can see them: radio

Star Tracks 83

Liza Minnelli throws a book party

Roman Polanski swings his Sabina

Neil Young performs in Manhattan

Patti Davis does a turn with Rich Little

Britt Ekland shows off daughter Victoria Sellers

People Puzzle 108

Chatter 114

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