August 25, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 82

Singer John Davidson, host of ABC’s That’s Incredible! and now of his own gab show, talks sorrowfully and frankly of trouble with his newly liberated wife

Bonus Book

51 Is Paris Burning? was a 1965 bestseller. Now the authors, Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, have readers of their new novel, The Fifth Horseman, wondering Will New York Disappear? The first of three excerpts from the thriller that U.S. government officials are afraid could come true.

Up Front 24

Roderick MacArthur and his father’s foundation are looking for genius and willing to pay for it

A storybook marriage winds up in shambles as Princess Caroline and Philippe Junot call it quits

Indiana Sen. Birch Bayh flirts with political danger by presiding over the Billy Carter inquest

If Chris (Superman) Reeve can play Chekhov in summer theater, does that mean that Joe Namath can sing and David Bowie can handle The Elephant Man? Not necessarily

Jocks 39

The hottest pitcher in baseball is Baltimore’s heretofore lukewarm Steve Stone

In His Own Words 43

Do middle-aged men get “hot flashes” too? Yes, says author Edmond Hallberg about the so-called male metapause

Money 65

The lecture circuit’s become a gravy train, and everyone from Ann Landers to G. Gordon Liddy and Moshe Dayan is leaping aboard

Adventure 69

Robin Sindorf is bullish about her job as the world’s first female rodeo clown

Pages 73

Canada’s Mordecai Richler was appalled by the TV version of his Duddy Kravitz, but happy about the acclaim his eighth novel is receiving

Lookout 76

Makeup artists Paula and Mary McKenna

Marathoner Paul Masson

Body 88

Cindy Williams, Dina Merrill and Helen Gurley Brown are among the famous faces that stay in shape with Ramona de Vries’ “cosmetric” exercises

Split 90

They may share a deep faith, but Terry Bradshaw and JoJo Starbuck find their marriage can’t be born again

Couples 97

Auschwitz survivor Samuel Pisar has a more than equal partner for his globetrotting law practice: his art-wise wife, Judith

On the Move 102

The Rothschilds used to visit when she lived at Versailles; now Barbara de Portago is New York’s newest glamor girl about town

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Leslie Uggams and Olivia Cole go Backstairs at the White House (pre-Carter, that is) in a remarkable TV repeat

A: Egomaniacs between commercials

Q: What are Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson? That, at least, is author Robert Metz’ view of The Tonight Show

Two of Nashville’s grittiest musical ruffians, George Jones and Johnny Paycheck, tangle delightfully on the album Double Trouble

Film director Paul Mazursky captures Margot Kidder, Ray Sharkey and Michael Ontkean in a wicked ménage à trois titled Willie & Phil

Washington’s latest tourist attraction is a replay of the Watergate Tapes

Star Tracks 79

Tatum O’Neal’s brother, Griffin, makes magic

Robby Benson’s new game is one-on-nine

Prince Edward gets a royal dunking

Lauren Hutton reviews her roots

Stacy Keach smooches his “almost nephew”

Lauren Bacall steps out with her son Sam Robards

People Puzzle 95

Chatter 104

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