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July 21, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 22

Behind their united front, Ronald Reagan’s children are divided over ERA, nuclear power, morals and their parents—in short, they’re like most other American families

Up Front 28

John Denver and Werner Erhard toast Bucky Fuller’s 85th birthday at an all-natural bash

Old and ailing, author Taylor Caldwell becomes the object of a power struggle between her daughter and her fourth husband

In His Own Words 35

Air-crash lawyer John J. Kennelly says that flying on a scheduled jet is 115 times safer than driving to the airport

Spirit 40

Gerre Hancock leads his New York boys’ choir to triumph in Westminster Abbey

Crime 44

Betty Pat Gatliff’s forensic sculptures aid in the search to identify nameless murder victims in the John Wayne Gacy case

Happy 51

What do ravishing Raquel Welch and radical Angela Davis have in common? New hubbies

To the Top 55

Kim Carnes’ torrid duet with fellow New Christy Minstrels’ alum Kenny Rogers finally launches her solo career

On the Move 62

Nevada millionaire Michael Oliver finds no nation to his liking—so he’s found his own

Arts 66

For Pinchas Zukerman and Jean-Pierre Rampal, Claude Boiling is the jazz connection

Couples 70

Richard Cox was gay in Cruising and Kathryn Harrold is pregnant in The Hunter, at home, they’re neither

Teacher 77

Two population experts predict the Supreme Court’s limit on federally funded abortions will cost taxpayers more—not less

Bio 88

Four-time Olympian Al Oerter threw his weight behind the Moscow boycott, but stays in training for ’84

Lookout 94

Sailing champ Lynne Jewell, 20

Ringling clown Tom Gugliemo, 16

Body 97

Britain’s Dr. Denis (Bran Man) Burkitt leads the campaign to put fiber back in your diet

Sequel 103

Robert Redford’s real-life model in Brubaker is ostracized penologist Thomas Murton

Off the Screen 106

Brubaker inmate Yaphet Kotto felt imprisoned by Hollywood before he found spiritual peace in Dennis Weaver’s sect

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 8

Who’s tops in syndicated TV? Lawrence Welk, Richard Dawson and the Muppets

Barbara Goldsmith’s saga of the 1930s custody battle over poor little Gloria Vanderbilt is perfect for summer reading

Among new LPs, Kiss is off, Waylon Jennings is on and Devo, oddly, is danceable

John Travolta isn’t thrown by the bull, and Debra Winger’s a woman to watch, but Urban Cowboy bites the dust

A traveling art exhibit celebrates the colorful culture of the Hopi Indians

Star Tracks 85

Charlton Heston meets a mummy

George Plimpton sets off a Skyrocket

Catherine Bach braves a new hazard

Buddy Hackett follows in Groucho’s shoes

Carly Simon’s new smooch is bro Peter

Clint Eastwood minus Sondra Locke

People Puzzle 100

Chatter 108

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