By People Staff
December 01, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 101

With fame and fortune to rival Elvis’, showbiz gambler Kenny Rogers and his fourth Lady, Marianne (Hee Haw) Gordon, hit the jackpot, but can he change his luck with his children?

Up Front 34

Sen. Lowell Weicker and wife Camille talk tenderly about life with their boy who has Down’s syndrome

Virginia comedy writer Chris White hatches a hilarious radio spoof of Dallas and “the Salad Fork Ranch”

A lawyer for Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa, claims the King’s manager, Col. Tom Parker, has plundered her estate

Adriana Ivancich von Rex enthralls the romantic Italians by recalling her youthful romance with Ernest Hemingway

Heroes 49

Robert Off insists we still have heroes, and his Carnegie Hero Fund honors them

Off the Screen 55

Feminist Claudia Weill directs Jill Clayburgh in It’s My Turn, whose title may be prophetic

In Style 59

Charles Jourdan III strikes it big designing shoe stores for Papa Jourdan—and his rivals

Medics 65

In a controversial report, Dr. Savitri Ramcharan suggests The Pill may be safe after all

To the Top 71

Lacy J. Dalton sings about Hard Times, and the country comer has sure lived them

Bio 79

Botanical explorer Dr. Andrew Weil is high on the life-enhancing potential of plants

Lookout 92

Wicker peddler Bill Jackson

Deaf blackjack dealer Gerri Ehrlich

Arts 95

Chamber music has a fresh sound—the all-woman Primavera String Quartet

Couples 110

Ex-Yippie Jerry Rubin, who once supported a pig for President, is now touting Wall Street, wife Mimi Leonard and their new primer on sex

Host 115

Al and Sue Seitz’s Grand Hotel Oloffson is a Haitian hideaway for the famous and the quaint at heart

Inventors 128

Ex-dentist Leo Windecker created an “invisible” plane, which the Pentagon is adapting for its Stealth bomber

In Her Own Words 131

Ingrid Bergman holds onto the good in her life and lets go of the bad—scandal, three divorces and a bout with breast cancer

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Shaun Cassidy takes a header in ABC’s Breaking A way while Chris Sarandon loses his in CBS’ A Tale of Two Cities

Writer Richard Brautigan’s latest eccentric delight is titled The Tokyo-Montana Express

Michael McDonald’s importance to the Doobie Brothers becomes even more apparent in their new LP, One Step Closer

Robert Redford directs an admirable cast, headed by Mary Tyler Moore, in an unforgettable family drama, Ordinary People

For stumped shoppers, catalogues of Christmas comestibles offer food for thought

Star Tracks 89

Alice’s gang celebrates its 100th show

Lunch Hour is Gilda Radner’s prime time

Philippe Junot’s left holding the shoes

Raging Bull Jake La Motta’s knockout

Donny Osmond parties with Rudy Vallee

Jay Bernstein’s new star is Patti Davis

People Puzzle 98

Chatter 134