By People Staff
July 14, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 87

As Dallas crews film his convalescence, Larry (J.R.) Hagman joins Dan Rather, Liz Smith and 160 million fans in joyous speculation on whodunit

Up Front 22

For 250 ultramarathoners, the Western States Endurance Run—100 miles of grueling High Sierra trails—is “the ultimate high”

Michigan Rep. Guy Vander Jagt takes on a high-risk job: keynoting the GOP convention

Six years after fleeing Russia, dancers Valery and Galina Panov find a home in ballet

Darryl Zanuck’s last mistress, Genevieve Gillaizeau, hires Marvin Mitchelson to claim a $15 million legacy

Discovery 37

Biochemist Ananda Chakrabarty’s oil-eating bacteria star in a landmark Supreme Court decision

Couples 43

As top money winner and busiest tournament director on the women’s golf circuit, Donna Caponi Young and husband Ken are on a professional par

In Style 48

With clients like Liz Taylor and Angie Dickinson, designer Michaele Vollbracht is Seventh Avenue’s new razzledazzle darling

In His Own Words 56

Anyone for winged beans? Horticulturist Merle Jensen picks the foods of the future and explains how they’ll be grown

Arts 63

Boston’s Sidewalk Sam paints the classics on concrete canvases

Bio 71

Iowa philanthropist Bill Fisher doles out millions for grand opera from New York to San Francisco and theaters in between

Crime 81

Nadine Liebling begs the FBI to investigate parental kidnappings in child custody cases—and to find her daughter

Spirit 97

Amidst cash and controversy, the curtain rises on Oberammergau’s Passion Play and a dental student as Christ

Host 101

Richard Nixon, Jackie Onassis and Bianca Jagger flock to Augustin Paege’s Box Tree restaurant, though some critics find it pretentious

Happy 106

Story lady Carol Baras is the soothing voice on a tot-line for troubled kids

For a Song 112

Brooklyn-born Eddie Rabbitt conquers Nashville and ladies’ hearts everywhere

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Newsmen Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, David Brinkley, Frank Reynolds and Ted Koppel preempt prime time

For the vacation reader, there’s a new collection of Louis L’Amour adventure yarns, a journal retracing John James Audubon’s travels, and a very trendy etiquette manual by Charlotte Ford

It’s a powerful young British rock group that’s called Gang of Four, but what succumbs to the cult of personality is the LP McCartney II

Clint Eastwood gallops further, if charmingly out of character, in Bronco Billy

Star Tracks 65

The Rolling Stones form a Rescue party

Justin Henry plays batboy

Catherine Deneuve finds a sexy leading man

Gay Talese takes a Roman holiday

Marisa Berenson believes in reincarnation

Juliet Prowse becomes a U.S. citizen

People Puzzle 108

Chatter 114