November 03, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 90

Paul Simon rides his One-Trick Pony to Hollywood—but prefers his New York privacy with girlfriend Carrie Fisher and his son, Harper, 8

Up Front 26

Peter Fonda, Tom McGuane, Richard Brautigan and Russell Chatham establish a new Bohemia in Paradise Valley, Montana

Pollsters Richard Wirthlin and Pat Caddell call the shots for Reagan and Carter

Norman Mailer plans a double wedding—his—with a “civilized divorce” in between

Ohio high school football coach Gerry Faust may replace Dan Devine at Notre Dame

Coping 39

Hostage wife Pat Lee tells how she carried on during her long and fearful year alone

On Stage 45

From L.A. to Broadway, impresario Gordon Davidson is theater’s hottest hitmaker

Inventors 49

Wayne Adamson and Joe Pizzino are working on a new salt-free drink—sea water

Out of the Pages 55

The new Oxford American Dictionary is editor Bob Burchfield’s idea of a good read

Couples 56

Leonid and Valentina Kozlov, defectors from Russia’s Bolshoi Ballet, are now happily into suburbia and hot dogs

On the Move 61

Joan Lunden of Good Morning America shares the working day with her baby

Sequel 70

His widow, Moya, rescues inventor Bill Lear’s last plane from the drawing board

In His Own Words 76

Recovered from heart surgery, Jackie Gleason reviews his career and the grim state of TV comedy (except for Carroll O’Connor)

Medics 86

Dr. Phyllis Magrab says before they reform the world, politicians should mend their ways with their own kids

Happy 96

Running nun Marion Irvine vows to break three hours in the marathon

Off the Screen 99

Helen Mirren romps with Caligula and Fu Manchu, but she’s more of a siren at home

Teacher 107

Harvard Law Prof. Arthur Miller parlayed classroom charades into his own TV show

Lookout 112

Winners 115

When it comes to ugly dogs, Elaine Hibbs’ mutt, Snuffy, is the cat’s meow

To the Top 116

The Flying Karamazov Brothers are a novel juggling team from California, not Russia

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Jeff Goldblum is a Halloween treat in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on NBC

Authors Avery (Kramer vs. Kramer) Corman and Pat (The Great Santini) Conroy turn out pot-boiling, big-buck new novels

David Bowie could again overrun the rock world with his splendid Scary Monsters

George Burns is as delightful as ever, but Oh, God! Book II is a sappy sequel

Hawaii: the Royal Isles, a touring exhibit, offers a realistic if stodgy look at Polynesia

Star Tracks 67

Gov. Hugh Carey on his knees

Lynda Carter boosts Chris Evert-Lloyd

Grace Jones enlightens Mom

Tom Robbins hymns his new tome

India’s Mother Teresa visits Rome

Carly Simon lights up a Times Square bash

People Puzzle 105

Chatter 118

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