By People Staff
Updated October 20, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 83

Life with Elizabeth Taylor isn’t all glamor, says her senator husband, John Warner. She’s just a country girl at heart

Up Front 40

American archeologist Monica Barnes uncovers a lost kingdom in the rugged mountains of Peru

Bendix vice-president Mary Cunningham battles rumors that she and her boss aren’t all business

Leading the war against Iran is Iraq’s charismatic, cutthroat Saddam Hussein

Stricken with cancer, Steve McQueen seeks a cure in the unconventional “holistic medicine” of Texas orthodontist William Donald Kelley

In the Money 59

He lost the Larry Holmes fight—and some pride—but Muhammad Ali’s $8 million windfall will pay the bills for awhile

Coping 65

Divorced columnist Ann Landers describes how she learned to deal with single life

Happy 71

Post-Kiss, drummer Peter Criss sheds his makeup and takes on a new wife and image

Lookout 76

Frisbee champion Scott Zimmerman

Currency dealer Cynthia Good

On the Move 91

Chinese artist Han Meilin, imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution but now honored by his homeland, tours the U.S.

Winners 97

Her colt Niatross is the swiftest pacer in history, but Elsie Berger is sulky about her co-owner

In Trouble 111

Fashion model Isabel Lanza turns tigress when Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione tries to make her Pet of the Year

Bio 112

Aging in the cellar of vintner Robert Mondavi is a wine he vows will be the best in the world

In Style 118

Nancy Reagan and Rosalynn Carter have one thing in common: the no-nonsense fashions of Albert and Pearl Nipon

Arts 125

Cecil Beaton snapped them all—from Joan Crawford to Keith Richard

Sequel 132

The chirpy voices of Alvin and the gang are back with a new sound—Chipmunk Punk

In His Own Words 139

After James Cook lost custody of his own son, he helped draft California’s new joint custody law; he says it works

Off the Screen 144

Karate champ Chuck Norris of The Octagon is the movies’ new Bruce Lee

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Colleen Dewhurst and Warren Oates are middle-aged parents in CBS’ Baby Comes Home

E.L. (Ragtime) Doctorow’s Loon Lake makes a splash

Waggoner and Parton make musical whoopee with Porter & Dolly

Charlton Heston and Brian Keith fight Indians in The Mountain Men—everyone loses

Star Tracks 105

Amy Carter entertains Captain America

Ricky Schroder is a straight arrow

Erik Estrada braves a bullfrog

Rose Kennedy rolls on

Ingrid Bergman peddles her memoirs

Pvt. Goldie Hawn salutes Armand Assante

People Puzzle 108

Chatter 146