September 22, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 96

Richard Chamberlain stars as Shogun’s sailor-turned-samurai and thinks that, at 45, he can now hack it as a husband and father

Up Front 32

Ingenue Wanda Richert carries on as the toast of Broadway and 42nd Street after the death of her lover, director Gower Champion

Ed Clark is the Libertarian party’s best, though small, hope for President

After a record 50 straight losses, Walter Mondale’s sometime alma mater, Macalester College, finally wins a football game, thanks to a coach who prepped at Ronald Reagan’s

Abbie Hoffman’s mother, Florence, ex-wife Anita and lover Johanna Lawrenson shared the burden of his six years hiding out from the law

Teacher 45

Survivor Sarah Uzzell-Rindlaub shows airline personnel how to live through a plane crash

In His Own Words 51

Professor Robert Nisbet warns against America’s growing fear of economic progress and asks: Where would culture be without it?

Out of the Pages 56

John Kennedy Toole killed himself 11 years ago, but his novel lives on as this year’s sleeper hit

Couples 62

Lee Meriwether can do without Barnaby Jones now that trapeze superstar Tito Gaona has swung into her life

Bio 69

When Boston Mayor Kevin White dreams of the White House, he isn’t thinking of his summer place on the Cape

Off the Screen 85

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong blow their antisocial image up in smoke—the pot of gold is for their fond families

Jocks 93

At 15, Andrea Jaeger is the latest, and possibly the best, in the line of teenage tennis stars

Lookout 104

Animal trainer Sue Sinclair

Piano prodigy William Eddins

Sequel 110

Once known as “Nixon’s Priest,” John McLaughlin has left the Jesuits for marriage and a radio mike

For a Song 114

Christopher Cross came Sailing out of Texas and Rode Like the Wind to No. 1

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Katharine Ross puts the spurs to hubbie Bo Hopkins when she becomes CBS’ Rodeo Girl, and Melissa Gilbert becomes NBC’s little spouse on the prairie

No, Erica Jong didn’t fall on her Fanny; her racy update of John Cleland is a little mean and absolutely charming

Two L.A.-based rock groups—X and the Motels—prove that Punk can be suntanned

Sadly, Peter Sellers’ final film, The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu, isn’t what the world will remember him by

Star Tracks 79

Grace Kelly eases back into performing

Jack Klugman’s day at the races

Bob Hope plays his own backyard

Rock’s Yes men get an affirmative from their fans

Charles Lindbergh’s son Scott helps baptize an airport

Hugh Hefner catches a male strip show

People Puzzle 106

Chatter 116

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