By People Staff
March 03, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 92

After two failed marriages and CBS’ Scruples, Lindsay Wagner learned to play the field: she’s dating Liza’s ex, Jack Haley Jr., and is mighty chummy with Sly Stallone

Up Front 26

Philadelphia policeman Bill Sample and his Sunshine Foundation make the wishes of sick children come true

The U.S. pins its prayer for the hostages’ freedom on Iran’s President Bani-Sadr

Dan Rather outhustles Roger Mudd—and spurns $8 million—to become Walter Cronkite’s heir

Henry and Cristina Ford lock horns in a multimillion-dollar divorce battle

Pages 41

John Train makes money at name-calling—real people like Dr. Doctor, Dentist E.Z. Filler and the Rev. Goodness

Crime 45

The FBI’s Ralph Himmelsbach retires with his greatest quarry, D.B. Cooper, still unaccounted for

In Style 49

Jane Fonda, Stockard Channing and Goldie Hawn turn on to Jeanne-Marc’s patchworks

In His Own Words 55

The sun will act up this year, with unpredictable effects on communications and weather, warns astrophysicist David Rust

Sequel 61

Marianne Faithfull is back singing, having survived Mick Jagger, heroin and a botched suicide attempt

In the Money 67

Lauren Bacall’s daughter? No, she’s lookalike model Nancy Grigor

Bio 68

Life may be a cabaret, old chum, but after several coronaries Bob Fosse also knows it’s a limited engagement

Discovery 80

Anthropologist Donald Johanson’s fossils fuel controversy about the origin of man

Off the Screen 84

That superhorse of The Black Stallion also helped save his heroic 19-year-old owner

Arts 90

Russian pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy conquered the world but he can’t go home again

In Trouble 99

Shaft is more than a song to Isaac Hayes; he helped create disco, yet is being evicted from his house

Lookout 108

Chess champ David Griego

Comic Marsha Warfield

Couples 111

Once a tiger in and out of court, lawyer Melvin Belli had his stripes changed by fifth wife Lia

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

There are a host of hosts on TV: Kenny Rogers, John Davidson, Fran Tarkenton, Gary Coleman and Steve Allen

Three blockbuster novelists—Judith Krantz, Frederick Forsyth and John Jakes—reenter the lists

Neil Diamond’s new LP, September Morn, is pleasing if uneven

Richard Gere looks gorgeous, but his movie American Gigolo missed its calling

A traveling exhibit showcases the unique French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson

Star Tracks 76

It’s skier Prince Charles by a nose

Jane Curtin strips to fight inflation

Henry Winkler turns in his jacket

Meryl Streep’s a Big Woman on Campus

Marsha Mason scripts a chapter on love

People Puzzle 103

Chatter 114