June 02, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 62

Her Rhoda days long gone, Valerie Harper has a new look (thin), a new lover (fitness counselor Tony Cacciotti) and a new Hollywood career that could be her own Chapter Two

Up Front 22

A convert from atheism, Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s son, Bill, gets religion

After her play flops on Broadway, Elizabeth Ashley drops a few bombs of her own

Israel’s Gen. Yehoshafat Harkabi stirs a furor with a call for Palestinian statehood

Angel Cordero’s Preakness win is clouded by a foul claim—and charges of race-fixing

Pianist Van Cliburn gets a hairy wake-up call back home in Texas

Out of the Pages 37

Recounting her comeback from cancer, Laurel Lee builds a fresh life as an author

Discovery 41

Director Harry Woolf has the geniuses at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study doing more studying—and less squabbling

Host 45

Alex Madonna’s Disneyland of motels, the Madonna Inn, keeps packing ’em in

In Her Own Words 49

Friends come and go, but sisters are for keeps, explains author Elizabeth Fishel

To the Top 55

The Dirt Band sees An American Dream come true, thanks to Linda Ronstadt

Winners 68

Behind Nathan Pritikin and Linda Lovelace are Pat & Bill McGrady, the only brothers to have best-sellers simultaneously

Inventors 71

Math whiz Sam Savage whittles fiendish puzzles by laser and calls them Shmuzzles

Arts 72

At 81, Sari Dienes is the doyenne of New York artists and a rare piece of work herself

Bio 82

Boston University President John Silber is a very accomplished disturber of academe’s peace

Off the Screen 89

Chuck Barris uses censored TV out-takes to boost the, er, gross of The Gong Show Movie

Happy 95

In Japan veterinarian Junki Uyama’s star assistant is a 7-year-old chimp

On Stage 103

Arthur Rubinstein’s actor son John should win a Tony hands down

Lookout 106

Yale journalist Anne Gardner Perkins

Designer Henry Jackson

In Style 109

Jackie and Lady Bird were customers, and now Nancy Reagan wants to be the next First Lady wearing gowns by James Galanos

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

In a week of masters on TV, Bob Hope and Hal Linden headline specials, Flip Wilson salutes the Apollo Theater, and PBS profiles Picasso

What’s the “greatest discovery since the wheel”? The incumbent Heloise, in an updated book of hints, says it’s nylon net fabric

Bernadette Peters shows off a touchingly sensitive voice in her maiden LP

After seeing Bill Murray as Hunter Thompson in Where the Buffalo Roam, you’ll say, “Billy, you crazy guy, get out of here”

Broadway-bound this summer? Here’s a guide to what’s worth seeing on and off the still-Great White Way

Star Tracks 76

An Audubon portrait is winged at auction

Roman Polanski introduces a honey at Cannes

Stevie Wonder and Eubie Blake: school ties

Mike Douglas cupids for Cronkite and Curtin

Anne Bancroft checks a Mel Brooks set

Chatter 112

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