May 19, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 122

She played a hooker at 12 and she’s the pick of this year’s Foxes, but brainy Jodie Foster wants to be just another freshman when she leaves Hollywood for Yale this fall

Up Front 42

For 119 years the teenagers of Elmore City, Okla. hadn’t had a prom—so when they asked for one, the dire warnings began

After a near-tragic explosion in New Jersey, author Michael Brown warns that toxic wastes threaten everybody

Henry Kissinger basks in the glow of a gentle Friars Club roast

Dance pioneer Alvin Ailey cracks under the pressures of his life and work

Jack Klugman’s colt, Jaklin Klugman, puts on a stunning Derby show

In Her Own Words 57

Stepping lively with the Rockettes at 68, Ginger Rogers recalls Howard Hughes, Kitty Foyle and Fred Astaire

Out of the Pages 69

The strangest thing happens to Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s “serious” books—they become best-sellers

Teacher 73

Pool champ Steve Mizerak is a hotshot in beer ads but no Lite-weight in the classroom

On the Move 79

Coal Miner’s Daughter is a film triumph for its subject, Loretta Lynn, her screen dad, Levon Helm, and real-life mom Clara Butcher

Happy 90

No matter how outrageous her hints (care to try avocado elbow patches?), homemakers hymn Heloise

Bio 99

Robert Rauschenberg keeps cranking out masterpieces, even for Sunday newspapers

Body 109

Beverly Hills’ Nance Mitchell tells how she keeps star skin shiny and bright

In Trouble 115

ABC lawyer Jennifer Martin gets fired after charging Charlie’s Angels with flimflamming Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood

Crime 129

Off the bench and out on the streets, Judge Arthur Kaplan saves lives in Atlanta

Lookout 132

Irish politician Sile de Valera

Big cheese Norbert Wabnig

Sequel 137

Eight months after her aneurysm, singer Delia Reese feels blessed to be alive

Party 147

Ballet stars outshine even Jackie Onassis at ABT’s 40th-birthday bash

Couples 151

Economists Milton and Rose Friedman want to end Social Security and the minimum wage so people can be Free to Choose

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Mac Davis, Cheryl Ladd, Barry Manilow and two Hollywood movies—Haywire and Moviola—highlight a hectic TV week

Love Story’s Erich Segal returns with another once-over-lightly novel

Frank Sinatra’s three-LP Trilogy proves two out of three ain’t bad

Günter Grass’s novel of Nazi Germany, The Tin Drum, becomes an affecting film

Buildings Reborn, a touring exhibit, celebrates landmarks given new life

Star Tracks 118

Aerialist Philippe Petit’s heavenly gesture

Is Henry Winkler’s wife carrying Fonz II?

Sly Stallone is a comic by a nose

Bette Midler puts on her writer’s hat

Christina von Opel battles a drug rap

Literary star Lauren Bacall cops a prize

People Puzzle 112

Chatter 154

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