By People Staff
April 21, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 83

After an 18-month layoff, a chastened Andy Gibb is back with a hit record, Desire; Hollywood ambitions; antidrug views, and an unrequited crush on Olivia Newton-John

Up Front 28

As veterans of the first women’s class at West Point, seven 1980 graduates-to-be tell a tale of loneliness, resentment—and survival

Heart surgeon Michael DeBakey talks about the Shah’s move to Cairo, his operation and the prognosis

The fog lifts, and Portland, Oreg. gets a rare, dramatic view of erupting volcano Mount St. Helens

Doctor-author Thomas (I’m OK—You’re OK) Harris wants you to know he’s still OK

Illinois housewife Elizabeth Kane bears a stranger’s child for love—and money

To the Top 45

Screenwriter Fay Kanin never quite won an Oscar, but now she runs the whole show

Couples 52

Iman and her basketball star, Spencer Haywood, prove models and jocks needn’t be dumb

Bonus Book 61

In an excerpt from her autobiography, Bittersweet, actress Susan Strasberg writes movingly of her affair with Richard Burton

Sequel 79

Dorothea Morefield, wife of a U.S. hostage in Tehran, speaks her mind on Jimmy Carter’s Iran policy

Inventors 89

Now dieters can measure calories they burn with Elmer Lipsey’s electronic Cal-Count

Over the Tube 90

Texas actor Powers Boothe brings the Rev. Jim Jones to chilling life

In His Own Words 97

Dr. Saul Gusberg, head of the American Cancer Society, explains why fewer checkups may be more effective

On the Move 111

Rufus’ sexy singer Chaka Khan shimmies, shakes and sets her sights on solo success

Jocks 121

George Murray may “win” the Boston Marathon—and in a wheelchair, incidentally

Lookout 124

Actors Jermain Johnson and Brian Wilson

Accessories designer Ginnie Johansen

In Style 127

In den mother duds or armor plating, Jerry Hall is Mick Jagger’s $1,500-a-day lady

On Stage 128

The polar bears in Ursula Bottcher’s circus act are not always teddies

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Bonnie Franklin plays Margaret Sanger in the TV movie Portrait of a Rebel

Actress Diane Keaton turns photographer with a weird book portraying hotel interiors

John Denver gets down off his Rocky Mountains into some disco on Autograph

George C. Scott is obsessed yet again, just as Melvyn Douglas is marvelous, in a spinetingler, The Changeling

Want to know the capital of Upper Volta? When My Little Margie ran? Where the Women’s Hall of Fame is? Check an almanac

People Puzzle 77

Star Tracks 105

Macho snowmen Bronson and Marvin

O.J. is sweet on Melissa Michaelsen

Why is G. William Miller lying-in?

Suzanne Somers turns chicken in Vegas

Private Goldie Hawn pulls rank

Giscard d’Estaing’s day at the races

A sumo gives Gary Coleman a lift

Chatter 130