April 14, 1980 12:00 PM

On the Cover 88

Archvillain Larry Hagman is a house-wrecking word in TV’s Dallas—who wouldn’t want to shoot him?—but in Malibu he’s a model if eccentric father and homebody

Up Front 38

After nine years of sex research, Gay Talese produces a literary sensation

Olympic boosters Don Miller and Bob Kane face off with boycotter Jimmy Carter

Tiffany’s Walter Hoving celebrates the Great Silver Crash

Enemies call her a witch, but Colombians may call Regina Betancourt “President”

In His Own Words 53

Being There characterizes Melvyn Douglas’ life and wins him another Oscar nod

In Style 58

Donna Summer, Rod Stewart and Carly Simon beat their feet in designs by Maud Frizon

Teacher 65

Guerrilla grammarian Richard Mitchell stirs fear in the hearts of campus colleagues

Lookout 68

To the Top 77

Ex-Streisand writer Rupert Holmes makes it solo with the Piña Colada Song and Him

Adventure 84

How did artist Mikhail Simeonov cast a sleeping elephant in bronze? Anxiously

Happy 99

Rula Lenska was just another Polish countess before she was crowned by Madison Avenue

Couples 105

Ex-model Martha Stewart caters to her publishing exec husband, Andrew, as well as to Newman, Redford and Sills

In Trouble 109

Sen. James Gallagher raises the dander of felinophiles with his anti-cat dogma

Bio 110

Leonard Bernstein’s old protégé Michael Tilson Thomas is coming on fortissimo

Out of the Pages 119

A friend called Peggy Anderson’s best-seller Nurse “Scar Wars,” and now Michael Learned stars in it

On the Move 125

A migrant farm worker’s son, Abelardo Valdez, runs the protocol show at the White House

Sequel 136

A rocky affair with Sylvester Stallone behind her, Susan Anton is singing away her sorrow on the cabaret circuit

Arts 140

Sculptor Michael Parkinson builds the Kennedys’ homes—in miniature

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Johnny Carson, a virtuoso last year, returns to conduct the 52nd Academy Awards

Nancy Reagan’s autobiography is no front-runner for literary immortality

Linda Ronstadt takes a dip in the New Wave, Elvis Costello turns ebullient and Chuck Mangione gets back to small-group jazz

Alan Arkin has his moments in Simon, a film by Woody Allen pal Marshall Brickman

Blondie, Ronnie Milsap and Woody Herman boost a revival of radio concerts

Star Tracks 73

People Puzzle 133

Chatter 142

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