By People Staff
August 27, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 88

Phil Donahue is savvy and cuddly, and his issue-oriented talk show has won the hearts of American women like nothing since disposable diapers

Up Front 26

Eunice Shriver could be the Kennedy to solve Ted’s 1980 “Joan problem”

Mexico’s black tide, warns oil spill expert Dr. Roy Hann, may be just the beginning

His sorrow behind him, Robert Plant unleashes the thunder of Led Zeppelin

Marvin Mitchelson—star of the Dylan, Marvin and Jagger legal battles—is hitting Adnan Khashoggi for $2 billion

Crime 39

Rape authority Susan Brownmiller launches a new crusade against pornography

Winners 43

George Plimpton may be a pyrotechnic maniac, but he lit up the sky in Monte Carlo

Couples 47

What happened to the documentary makers behind the Loud family? Alan and Susan Raymond didn’t split

On the Move 57

Tim Matheson, who scores as John Belushi’s Animal House pal, now ranges from Walt Disney to Steven Spielberg

In His Own Words 63

What do Kleenex, a $2,000 Galanos gown and a Bic lighter have in common? They’re the best, says Stanley Marcus of Neiman-Marcus

On Stage 69

Gilda Radner headlines on Broadway, and Hollywood with Robin Williams could be next

Happy 73

Histrionic lawyer Ken Hur goes showbiz to advertise his cut-rate briefs

Arts 77

With Glynn Ross as Ring-master, Seattle Opera makes Wagner a box office smash

Jocks 82

Baseball’s Lou Brock and Carl Yastrzemski add to their legends

Medics 84

Dr. Elizabeth Whelan defends saccharin, nitrites and other endangered substances

In Trouble 86

The Aga Khan may be a religious leader, but Okie Wayne Murty calls him a horse thief

To the Top 94

In the strenuous Iron Man competition, Lyn LeMaire proves she’s a woman of steel

For a Song 99

C&W’s Hoyt Axton says the corporate enemy is not the oil but the record industry

Inventors 105

John and Mary Glifa built a better dog wash, and the world beat a path to Akron

Out of the Pages 106

Joan Collins’ sexy writer sister Jackie is Britain’s answer to Jacqueline Susann

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Diff’rent Strokes’ Charlotte Rae tries a new series; Taxi’s Andy Kaufman gets his own special; and Mister Rogers is back

Albert Goldman’s compendium Grass Roots is about the kind you smoke, not cut

James Brown is The Original Disco Man

Brooke Shields and George Burns team in Just You and Me, Kid

Einstein, Picasso, DiMaggio and the anonymous faces of World War II are part of “Life: The First Decade”

Star Tracks 53

Brigitte Bardot suns with her son

Why Billy Carter is watching his step

Joe Namath’s onstage squeeze play

Bruce Springsteen is Rachel Sweet’s treat

Lou Ferrigno gets incredibly looped

People Puzzle 103

Chatter 108