August 06, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 28

The Bee Gees’ Night Fever has stricken the loudest, most lovesick young shriekers since the days of Beatlemania as Barry, Robin & Maurice jet across the U.S.A.

Up Front 22

Hamilton Jordan is where the buck stops—and controversy starts—in the White House

All-America Tom Cousineau gives Buffalo a fast shuffle to play football in Canada

Having conquered depression, Rod Steiger now counsels depressed patients

To the Top 36

Susan Stamberg was an anchorwoman before Barbara Walters—and still is

Sequel 40

Four kids, 11 to 16, bought their own town, but is Kidco Ltd. a front for their wheeler-dealer dad, Richard Cessna?

Bio 44

Allan Carr, Hollywood’s wildest producer (Grease), gives new meaning to the word “gross”

Jocks 51

Misfortune-plagued golfer John Mahaffey hopes for another comeback at the PGA

Out of the Pages 55

A Sioux and a Mayflower descendant, Ruth Beebe Hill, produced Hanta Yo, the Indian Roots

Couples 61

Alejandro and Helga Orfila of the OAS are the life of the Washington party scene

Medics 68

Navy doctor Joseph Pursch’s alcoholic patients include Betty Ford and Billy Carter

In Trouble 73

Marilyn Lewis is convicted for suing her ex-hubby 19 times and becomes a feminist cause

In Style 74

Hair today? Reshaping Liz Taylor, Britt Ekland et al made John Isaacs the new star

In His Own Words 78

Refugee expert Stan Mooneyham describes the plight of the Boat People, and in a special section PEOPLE tells how you can help

Adventure 86

Offering nothing but a fistful of fun, Pat Mantle persuades dudes to play cowboy

Crime 89

Fred Kassab wins a crusade to see his son-in-law tried for killing his stepdaughter

Arts 95

Fashion photographer Helmut Newton is the undisputed “King of Kink”

Lookout 100

Computer company prexy Charity Cheiky

Disco fan man Bernard Flynn

On Stage 103

Faye Dunaway, Raquel Welch & Meryl Streep aren’t playing Evita, and Patti LuPone is

Happy 109

Christopher Monk builds a 17th-century instrument called the serpent

Mail 2

People Picks & Pans 8

Among the TV rerun highlights is Sly Stallone playing a minor mobster in Capone

True Grit author Charles Portis barks up the right tree with Dog of the South

Great Balls of Fire indeed—Dolly Parton’s newest album may be her best

Audrey Hepburn and Bill (Saturday Night Live) Murray come up winners in loser movies

Star Tracks 64

Tanya Tucker goes ape

Carol Channing hellos Phyllis Newman

Lena Horne swings with Count Basie

Anne Bancroft wipes up Mel Brooks

Paul and Linda McCartney snafu

El Cordobés returns to the bullring

People Puzzle 106

Chatter 110

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