December 24, 1979 12:00 PM

Mail 6

Picks & Pans 13

Celebs check out the year’s best and worst movies, books, records and TV shows; then the Editors get in their licks

The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1979 32

Rosalynn Carter talks about power, family troubles and life with Jimmy

Defector Aleksandr Godunov can’t get his U.S. ballet career off the ground

Lawyer Marvin Mitchelson proves “palimony” legal

Hollywood’s got sex symbol Bo Derek’s number—it’s “10”

Lee Iacocca struggles to get Chrysler in gear

Sly Stallone comes off the canvas for the biggest movie purse of the year, Rocky II

Out of hiding and back in Manhattan, Megan Marshack is working again

Mani Said al-Otaiba keeps OPEC’s price-setting machinery well oiled in a turbulent year

Campaigning is sobering for Joan Kennedy

Johnny Carson tells NBC he might not be back after this message

The Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran’s vengeful holy man, holds America hostage

Writer Tom Wolfe barbecues a new sacred cow, the U.S. astronaut

Impassioned as ever, Joan Baez fights for a new cause—the Asian refugees

Sebastian Coe can run, and he can hide too

In jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt is a winner, bottoms up

Arizona’s scientist Gov. Bruce Babbitt says nukes are a risk that must be taken (temporarily)

Meryl Streep brings new distinction to acting

“Pop” goes Pittsburgh thanks to Willie Stargell, the most dignified ballplayer since DiMag

The pilgrim Pope, John Paul II, brings a message that not everyone is anxious to hear

Fed Chairman Paul Volcker tightens the national purse string

Jesse Jackson makes some curious friends in the PLO and some bitter new enemies

Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd dumps Saturday Night Live for a new shtik: flicks

Margaret Thatcher, the world’s most important woman, gives Britain a dose of her iron will

William Webster is the FBI’s new top cop

Deborah Harry puts Blondie’s punk-funk into the Top 40

Visual Puns 98

Graphic artist Elliott Negin plays games with names in the news—from Einstein to Elizabeth Taylor

Sequel 103

Updating some PEOPLE people of ’79, we find Miss America is a Mrs., Lee Radziwill isn’t, and Carol Burnett’s daughter is making headway against drugs

Couples 113

A surprising survey of the 292 Couples who’ve appeared in PEOPLE since 1974 finds that it’s possible to be famous, talented and happily mated

Gallery 120

Celebrities like Gina Lollobrigida, Stanley Marcus, Charlotte Rampling, Rauschenberg and Governor Busbee display their favorite photos

Losers 126

Steve Rubell may trade the disco floor for the slammer—and Princess Margaret, Farrah Fawcett and Pierre Elliott Trudeau didn’t fare so well this year either

Forecast ’80s 128

Predictions about the ’80s are coming left and right: Here Ken Galbraith and Bill Buckley take their turns

Personalities to Watch 132

Jocks: From Tracee Talavera, 13, to Al Oerter, 42, American athletes prepare for the 1980 Olympics

Screen: Steve McQueen bounces back; Olivia Newton-John gets a new partner named Gene Kelly; Star Wars strikes again

Tube: As the networks contemplate reshuffling their anchor teams, the media-watchers are bullish on Dan Rather and Peter Jennings and bearish on Tom Snyder and Jessica Savitch

Style: In Paris fashion Claude Montana is shoulders ahead

Pages: Gay Talese goes all the way in his study of U.S. sex; Susan Strasberg kissed and tells about Burton and Beatty; John LeCarré finishes off Smiley, or at least his trilogy

Song: Bob Seger dives into the New Wave; and Ellen Foley is a rockin’ rookie

Women Veeps? 153

Shirley Temple for Vice-President? She’s one of 10 women who seem to have a chance to make history

Star-Factory High Schools 160

Talented as teens—or just tormented—stars from Ann-Margret to William Kunstler learned that their key choice was not picking a PR agent but the right high school

People Puzzle 164

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