November 12, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 112

On WKRP in Cincinnati, they’re two of TV’s weirdest and most alluring stars, but Howard Hesseman is really a freewheeling loner and Loni Anderson a solid married lady

Up Front 36

Last November Jim Jones and 913 disciples died in Guyana; what has the past year been like for survivors and victims’ families?

Lorena Hickok was Eleanor Roosevelt’s friend—and historians wonder how close

With his NBC anchor down, David Brinkley sounds off on Presidents from Ike to Carter

On the Stage 51

Far from being on her last legs, Ann Miller is the rage of Broadway with Mickey Rooney

Arts 57

Pat Lasch’s cakes are poisonous, but her fans—and museums—eat them up

Bio 58

David Mamet believes language is the root of all drama, making his plays the talk of the American theater

In Style 66

Swiss distiller Cyril Nicod reveals how they get those pears in the brandy bottles

Crime 73

Lifer Rick Rowe is so busy in prison “they may never let me leave”

Host 77

Burt Wolf’s What’s Cookin’ show is 20 times quicker than The Galloping Gourmet

Inventors 84

In the Scottish highlands, George Smith takes a fling with electronic bagpipes

In Her Own Words 92

Playing reporter, actor Kevin McCarthy interviews his sister, author Mary McCarthy

Jocks 106

When they yell “Turkey!” at bowler Marshall Holman, it’s not always for three strikes

Couples 119

Sesame Street veterans Bruce and Carole Hart sink their teeth into a network show for teenagers, Hot Hero Sandwich

To the Top 129

Sisters Missy and Tracey, stars of Benson and Shirley, have set off a TV Gold rush

Medics 133

X-rays may cause cancer and sterility, and Dr. Armand Brodeur may have the answer

Lookout 138

a Yo-Yo king George Humphreys, 21 D Lecture agent Patty Morrissey, 27

Discovery 141

Elaine Pagels gives new life to the 1,900-year-old Gnostic gospels

Adventure 146

Want to rough it on the Kit Carson trail? Dean Calkins supplies the transportation

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Kate Jackson and husband Andrew Stevens revive the venerable Topper for a TV movie

J.P. Donleavy hasn’t lost his flair for sex scenes, but Schultz isn’t The Ginger Man

The Village People’s new LP Live and Sleazy is a little of both

Al Pacino returns to the righteousness beat in the pointed, funny…And Justice for All

Staying up? Late Late Show stars not to miss include the early early Robert Redford and Paul Newman

People Puzzle 86

Star Tracks 100

A Dorothea Lange portrait comes to life

The Shah of Iran has an unhappy birthday

Ed Koch gives Louise Nevelson a whirl

What does Merv share with Shostakovich?

ABBA gets a shot in the Spandex

Chatter 148

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