October 29, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 61

After Mark-omania began to drive him “bozo” and sent wife Valerie fleeing to Italy, Robin Williams came to his senses and is now reveling in what he calls “my Golden Age”

Up Front 20

Farrah Fawcett made a fortune in retailing, but her movie career fizzled, and that was the end of manager Jay Bernstein

Divorcees Mike and Nancy Abrams square off over the Carter-Kennedy fight in Florida

In 18 months poker pigeon Gabe Kaplan turned shark and even whupped “Amarillo Slim”

Death researcher Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross again attracts controversy, this time involving afterlife “entities” and stories of their sexual “visits”

In Her Own Words 35

Jimmy Carter goofed, says columnist Sylvia Porter, but this isn’t the Crash of ’79—yet

Winners 40

Twins Sherri and Terri Wright, 8, are dominating lookalike contests, and showbiz is next

For a Song 45

Charlie Daniels fiddles with The Devil and finds country-rock heaven

Off the Screen 50

Graham Chapman turns the other cheek to protests over Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Happy 55

Blind vet Keith Roark finds the perfect family in Texas to adopt his cataract-stricken Seeing Eye dog

On the Move 68

Do Alex Haley’s own roots go back to Stonewall Jackson? That’s what Debrett’s says

In Trouble 74

Mackenzie Phillips’ impetuous marriage has been tempered in the ashes of her burnt-out L.A. canyon home

Bio 78

In matters of racial equality, historian John Hope Franklin gives America a flunking grade with hope of redemption

In the Money 88

Ben Cooper’s trick is making Halloween costumes; his treat is a hefty profit

Discovery 97

James Burke is the Dashiell Hammett of technological whodunits on PBS’s current Connections

Lookout 100

Rolls-Royce dealer Rick Hovey Jr., 12

TV producer Melanie Donahoe, 25

Couples 103

Clint Murchison and his wife, Anne, find happiness not in their oil money or their Dallas Cowboys but in being born again

In Style 110

Streisand, Bergen and Bacall think Joan Vass is the sweater woman for the ’80s

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Kris Kristofferson and Muhammad Ali stumble in the TV drama Freedom Road

James Baldwin’s novel Just Above My Head delves compellingly into the Harlem life of a child evangelist—which he once was

Her look is high-fashion, but Crystal Gayle’s songs are the same—sweet

There’s perverse film comedy in Michael O’Donoghue’s Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video, gentle fluff in French Postcards

Star Tracks 93

Robert Graves rests on his laurels at 84

Erik Estrada helps Shirley Jones

Catherine Deneuve coaches Dennis Christopher

Sen. Birch Bayh launches his late wife Marvella’s book

The fuzz is all over Mick Jagger

People Puzzle 106

Chatter 112

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