October 22, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 65

Cher puts her tragicomic life with Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman to music in a sellout stage show—and, for an encore, finds her “best relationship ever” with Kiss’ Gene Simmons

Up Front 34

John Y. Brown Jr. and Phyllis George want to do for Kentucky what he did for fried chicken

Sister Theresa Kane challenges Pope John Paul II on women’s status in the church

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel counsels the President on a proper memorial

If anyone could have brought peace to Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, it was Britain’s Lord Carrington

Party 49

Folkie Mimi Fariña and friends stage a heartfelt benefit in Berkeley for shut-ins

In His Own Words 54

Insatiable males and coy females are genetically ordained, insists psychologist Richard Hagen

Lookout 70

Publisher Rae Schiff

Animal importer Matthew Block

Happy 73

Being a Liz lookalike hasn’t hurt the acting career of New York housewife Jackie Frank

Inventors 79

Playgrounds shouldn’t be “architectural graveyards,” says Eric McMillan

Couples 83

Spooky film director Brian De Palma and actress Nancy Allen communicate—sans ESP

Crime 94

Jacques Mesrine, France’s Public Enemy Numéro Un, shocks all Gaul yet again

Over the Tube 97

His medical series is under the knife, but Lou Gossett Jr. foresees recovery

Medics 104

Los Angeles dentist Craven Kurz has the inside track on toothsome braces

Discovery 109

Paleontologist Jim Jensen digs up the world’s biggest dinosaur

Sequel 113

Pamela Mason is giving the officers of her worsted company a wild and woolly time

On the Move 117

His unique country-rock sound finally frees Hank Williams Jr. from his father’s shadow

In Trouble 128

The President’s pastor, Charles Trentham, faces the loss of his own bully pulpit

Jocks 132

Ex-music teacher Lyn St. James is the top woman driver in pro auto racing

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

It’s a TV week when the guests—Jerry Reed, Phil Donahue, Colleen Dewhurst, Don Meredith—are more special than the specials

Novelist John Barth sat right down and wrote himself Letters—P.S. they’re great

Country Music Award winner Barbara Mandrell has new competition—sister Louise

The reputations of Henry Fonda, Ava Gardner and Susan Clark, among others, get roasted in the disaster film City on Fire

A lovely exhibit of drawings and watercolors comes from, yes, Baltimore

Star Tracks 90

A pride of Carradines gets dunked

Lindsay Wagner stunts out

Who will berth Rudolf Nureyev in Paris?

Ingrid Bergman lands a new son-in-law, Martin Scorsese

The BeeGees’ shootout in Washington

General Doolittle salutes Jimmy Stewart

People Puzzle 125

Chatter 134

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