By People Staff
Updated October 15, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 120

Suzanne Somers reveals her secret recipe for a Moroccan delight, former Fed Chairman Arthur Burns can’t believe the grocery prices, and that’s just part of the whole kitchen sink

Up Front 36

Edie Vonnegut produces Kurt’s play—but says she’s not just Daddy’s girl

To help Phil Crane’s presidential bid, wife Arlene tries to hold her sharp tongue

Ted Kennedy has some touching words for his indomitable mother, Rose

PLO leader Yasser Arafat says he’ll make peace—but can Israel live with his terms?

Jocks 51

Superswimmer Sippy Woodhead hopes to make an Olympian splash at sweet 16

Couples 55

At home, Laverne & Shirley creep David “Squiggy” Lander is the picture of sensitivity, says his photographer wife, Kathy Field

To the Top 60

Chet Atkins, Elvis and Burt Reynolds helped, but talent made Jerry Reed’s career Hot Stuff

Teacher 64

Sure it’s 1979, but privateer Ross Morphew stays afloat training brigands

In His Own Words 68

After 25 years—and 500 “B” films—Sam Arkoff is Hollywood’s reigning mogul

Discovery 73

Princeton math whiz Charles Fefferman—a prodigy who fulfilled his promise—is compared to Einstein

Sequel 79

Barry Manilow’s new hit is Dionne Warwick; he produced the comeback album that ended her five-year losing streak

In Trouble 88

A post office ban has left Mickey Jacobson up to his ears in tarantulas

Bio 92

Composer John Cage’s sounds of silence have made a big bang

Out of the Pages 105

You don’t have to be a kid to love the menacing madcap world of Richard Scarry

Medics 113

Dr. Arnold Dunn’s longtime cystic fibrosis patient will soon become his daughter

Crime 117

England’s savage Yorkshire Ripper has murdered 12 and vows to kill more

In Style 131

Frenchman René Lacoste turns a cloth alligator into a croc of gold

Lookout 138

Travel agent Cindy Hanley

Horse trainer Bill Burch

On the Move 145

Hecklers aside, Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda aren’t the “Mork & Mindy of politics”

Mail 8

People Picks & Pans 10

In the powerful Flesh and Blood, Suzanne Pleshette and Tom Berenger introduce incest to TV drama

The Ultimate Baseball Book is the perfect between-inning read for World Series fans

Jimmy Buffet floats another sunny LP, and yes, that backup singer is James Taylor

Bianca Jagger plays a hooker in the film The American Success Company, but should she have stayed in bed?

With enough dimes and curiosity, one can dial-just-about-anything these days

Star Tracks 101

Garo Yepremian gets his kicks

Cheryl Tiegs joins Fleetwood Mac

What have Linda Ronstadt and Jerry Brown just lost?

Sara Jane Moore stages a hunger strike

Will Peter Weller be Ali MacGraw’s fourth?

Leif Garrett plays a featherweight

People Puzzle 141

Chatter 148