By People Staff
October 08, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 107

The ultimate proof of Nick Nolte’s arrival is not Rich Man, Poor Man nor current movie hit North Dallas Forty but a $5 million palimony suit by Marvin Mitchelson

Up Front 32

A who’s who of rock turns out for an anti-nuke benefit

Back at the Bolshoi, Lyudmila Vlasova sends a message to her defector husband

Two years after Elvis died, his physician, Dr. George Nichopoulos, is under a cloud

Pope John Paul’s traveling team: Here’s how to spot the important Vatican visitors

Jocks 47

Baltimore’s Earl Weaver is the best manager in baseball—but not the mildest mannered

In Trouble 51

Wrongly institutionalized as an infant, Karen Boldt sues her parents for $33 million

In His Own Words 55

Consultant Roger Fransecky says TV is turning kids into psychic dropouts

Discovery 66

Gordon MacDonald warns synthetic fuels could change the world’s climate

Arts 73

Lydia Abarca left Harlem to become a Charlie girl and star ballerina

To the Top 79

Call him Long Island Skinny, but Bob Siegel is the new world pool champ

Bio 87

Michael O’Donoghue’s humor may be sick, but after Mondo Video his career is healthy

Out of the Pages 97

Barbara Chase-Riboud stirs up a tempest over Jefferson’s love for a slave

Happy 102

Big Brothers’ founder Irvin Westheimer celebrates a rare birthday—his 100th

Medics 113

You don’t have to be William Saroyan or Armenian to idolize surgeon Hampar Kelikian

Couples 116

Sandra Sutherland and Jack Palladino make crime pay—by solving it

On the Move 121

What would Mariette Hartley be without James Garner? A troubled, terrific talent

Lookout 128

Gymnast Donna Ferra

Designer Victor Caraballo

Sequel 136

Amateur photographer Phil Stewart tells how he snapped Carter’s collapse

Inventors 139

You want to play music with your feet? Chris Janney’s taken steps to make that possible

Spirit 140

Once a cop, then a killer, Bob Erler finds his calling as a preacher

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Patty Duke Astin, Hal Holbrook and David Janssen return to the tube

For the right literary stuff, give Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Wolfe a riffle

The new LPs of Led Zeppelin and of Johnny Cash’s daughter Rosanne are happy surprises

With Francis Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen were worth waiting for

Star Tracks 61

Sly Stallone makes like Mr. Malibu

Richard Gere is bent out of shape

Steve Ford saddles up for acting

Regine survives disco rollerskating

Sabrina Guinness and Prince Charles weekend

People Puzzle 130

Chatter 142