September 24, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 66

Lissome Shelley Hack brings a Smith diploma, a suburban background and a model’s flair to Charlie’s Angels—and Jackie and Cheryl say they’re thrilled

Up Front 24

David Kennedy comes to a reckoning with his family and himself after an encounter in a bitter-end Harlem drug emporium

Iowa farmer Joe Hays’ invitation is bringing Pope John Paul II to where the tall corn grows

Beating Chris was one thing—now U.S. Open tennis queen Tracy Austin must decide what to do with her winnings

At Senator John Warner’s GOP bash, the subject was presidential politics, but his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, ran away with the votes

Jocks 37

World champion “artistic” roller skaters Fleurette Arsenault and Danny Littel dance on wheels

Discovery 41

Professor Wayne Alexander uncovers a stark finding: Nudes don’t sell products

Medics 45

Having healed himself, Dr. Roland Herrington helps other physicians beat alcohol and drug addiction

In His Own Words 48

Ex-cop Rod Dornsife says one out of three traffic tickets is issued in error—and tells how to beat those you don’t deserve

On the Move 55

After 40 years as Broadway’s brass voice, Ethel Merman makes her disco debut

Out of the Pages 61

Novelist Gwen Davis writes about a nude encounter group and winds up in a libel suit

Teacher 76

Champion casters Joan and Lee Wulff offer instruction in the subtle art of fly-fishing

Bio 80

Computer whiz Gideon Ariel may not make you bionic, but he’s sure he can program you to run faster, jump higher and lower that handicap

On the Stage 89

In celebration, and condemnation, of the minstrel shows of old, Leni Sloan’s troupe sings such tunes as All Coons Look Alike to Me

Lookout 93

Firefighter Beatrice Rudder

Maestro Richard Buckley

Couples 97

He can’t see her, but pianist George Shearing is not blind to the charms of his wife, Elite

Happy 104

The Chinese meet vice-presidential daughter Eleanor Mondale, admire her blond hair and applaud her four-wheel drive

Mail 6

People Picks & Pans 11

Carroll O’Connor, back as Archie Bunker (sans the family), and two lively new sitcoms—The Last Resort and The Associates—open their TV seasons

The chaotic life of silent film star Buster Keaton unreels haltingly in a new biography

Johnny Cash offers Silver to celebrate his 25th anniversary

Obscene? Yes. Blasphemous? No doubt. Funny? Amen. It’s Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Star Tracks 72

Baby Louise Brown is a lovely mugger

Arthur Rubinstein is honored in Venice

Victor Borge rustles a hobby horse

Chevy Chase and Benji pet heavily

Dustin Hoffman strays to the Riviera

People Puzzle 100

Chatter 106

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