September 10, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 65

Donna Summer has something new to moan about, and Kiss, the Grateful Dead, Olivia Newton-John, Ted Nugent et al join the chorus about music’s Crash of ’79

Up Front 28

In a gripping five-day ordeal, Bolshoi golden boy Aleksandr Godunov loses his wife, Lyudmila, in a bold leap for freedom

Tibet’s exiled Dalai Lama heads for the U.S.—and maybe back to the throne

What does H. J. Heinz III have over Paul Tsongas? About $20 million—and membership in the U.S. Senate’s crowded millionaires’ club

Sequel 41

Horribly scarred by a Chicago school fire that killed 95, Michele McBride wants to found an organization to help other burn victims

Crime 45

Another man’s 11th-hour confession frees a Catholic priest, Father Bernard Pagano, on trial for armed robbery

In His Own Words 49

Willard McGuire, new head of the National Education Association, warns of this year’s crisis in our schools: “teacher burn-out”

Over the Tube 55

After divorce, therapy and a new younger man, Marion Ross finds Happy Days on Fonzie’s softball team

Teacher 59

Robert Schelke turns out highly trained undersea divers—and does it in a California penitentiary

Trouble 79

Did Hamilton Jordan take cocaine at Studio 54? Whatever the answer, the damage to President Carter may already be done

Arts 86

Manhattan artist Sven Lukin’s winged constructions are highly prized among museums and collectors

Bio 88

From kidvid to corporate mergers, FTC Chairman Mike Pertschuk is the Administration’s highly controversial consumer commando

On the Move 97

That delightfully freaky co-star with Cheech & Chong—and now John Ritter in Americathon—is named Zane Buzby (really)

In Style 103

Peter Choate doesn’t need a map to find movie star homes: He’s the architect who designs many of them

Lookout 108

Jockey Joanna Morgan

Comic Byron Allen

Spirit 111

This time it’s Bob Dylan who’s a-changed—from Jew to Jesus freak—and his new LP is his most impassioned since the protest era

Couples 117

Monty Cox and Suzy Backlinie are animal trainers with friends like Pooh the Bear and Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

The 1979-80 TV season stutters to a start with Cheryl Ladd hosting the Emmys and Bert Parks you-know-what

Marlon Brando’s ex, Anna Kashfi, turns nasty in Brando for Breakfast

Ry Cooder’s new bop album should go on forever, and Gato Barbieri still has the same old sax appeal

Farrah Fawcett is exposed in Sunburn—as a comedienne—and scores

Star Tracks 83

Sly Stallone lands on his back

Valerie Perrine meets the Village People

It rains on Bobby Orr’s parade

Lord Mountbatten: death of a hero

People Puzzle 114

Chatter 120

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