September 03, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 88

After leapfrogging Kermit to stardom in The Muppet Movie, Miss Piggy has made her producers a silk purse ($50 million) out of a sow’s year, but she’s sty-mied in love

Up Front 26

Navajo chieftain Peter MacDonald raises the ante for a mother lode of U.S. energy

Confounding doubters, the first anniversary of Christina Onassis’ third marriage seems like a second honeymoon

The tragic collapse of an Illinois stadium, engineer David Evans warns, won’t be the last

After a seven-year retirement, matador El Cordobés is still the sexiest and most controversial lord of the ring

Over the Tube 39

Erik Estrada of CHiPs is off the critical list after a near-fatal crash

In Style 43

When Mary Prinze’s bells start ringing, it’s Dustin, Swifty or Woody on the line

Adventure 47

National Park staffers Cliff Martinka and Stephen Frye put the collar on mugger bears

Couples 52

Susan Kohner traded Hollywood for housework and the designing John Weitz

Medics 57

Dr. Grady Stumbo and Benny Bailey go home again to build a clinic in the Appalachian hills

In His Own Words 63

Survivor is an overused term, but not for PR man Joe Laitin, who’s miraculously hung in through the JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford and Carter regimes

On Stage 69

After some crash landings, Sandy Duncan’s career soars again with Peter Pan

Spirit 73

Father Paul Shanley of Boston had his archbishop’s blessing to minister to gays—until Cardinal Medeiros lowered the ban

Bio 77

C & W’s Conway Twitty is a king of cheatin’ songs, but he frets that they’re ruining the morals of America

Jocks 86

Motorcyclist Kenny Roberts nears a title despite crackups on his bike and in his marriage

Lookout 94

Artists’ agent Kathy Carlson

Backgammon champ David Leibowitz

Arts 96

Diva-apparent Leona Mitchell tips the scales heftily in talent and temperament

Out of the Pages 98

Forget 1984; in World War III Gen. Sir John Hackett plots a nuclear catastrophe in 1985

On the Move 104

Dennis Christopher got his act in gear and pedaled it to the movie sleeper, Breaking Away

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Muhammad Ali, Ted Kennedy and Sally Struthers adorn the televised fifth international Special Olympics

Julia Child and Jimmy Carter place their orders in the book The Last Meal on Earth

On their new LPs, Teddy Pendergrass tries too hard to be sexy, but Crystal Gayle is just country enough

Nick Nolte and Mac Davis turn in all-pro performances in North Dallas Forty

Star Tracks 84

Alan Alda unveils his family, and Meryl Streep shows she’s a mom-to-be

Roger Daltrey goes behind bars

Cecil Beaton is still Vogue-ish

Art Linkletter wheels into a new biz

Deborah Harry meets the “real” Blondie

People Puzzle 100

Chatter 106

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