By People Staff
March 05, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 25

A nationwide telephone poll of PEOPLE readers by Audits and Surveys Inc. reveals their attitudes on showbiz, life-styles, morals, women’s lib and Jackie O

Up Front 39

Despite the risks, and a tragic failure, the State Department’s Anthony Quainton tries to make the world safe for U.S. diplomats

Candy man Bill Mitchell scotches the myth that there’s too much Pop in those Rocks

Out of the Pages 47

Ellery Queen, king of the American detective story, celebrates his 50th

In Trouble 52

The wild geese went wild—and so did the feds—when they took a gander at Ed McWilliams’ super-goose decoys

In His Own Words 55

Economist Gar Alperovitz proposes a radical cure for the incredible shrinking dollar

Medics 65

Dr. Keith Reemtsma works on new breakthroughs in heart transplant surgery

Couples 68

His styles change, but designer Bill Kaiserman finds his actress wife, Millie, always in vogue

Arts 78

Frank Gehry’s “cheapscape” architecture raises hoots and hurrahs from his colleagues and neighbors

Jocks 82

Marina Lezcano is the winner of Argentina’s quadruple crown—and girl wonder of racing

For a Song 86

Radio deejay Casey Kasem has one of America’s best-known voices, but wants to be a Top 40 face too

Spirit 90

Roots II behind her, Olivia de Havilland raises funds for the Episcopal Church (and turns the other cheek to sister Joan Fontaine)

Bio 92

Master builder Enzo Ferrari sells his cars for $60,000, but he has also paid a price

Adventure 98

In dusty historical archives, researcher Jack Haskins unearths clues to undersea bonanzas

Lookout 109

Artist Bettina Cato

Natural pizza tycoon Mike Burcon

On Stage 111

Oscar nominee Bruce Dern is coming home to Broadway to change his madman image

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 6

As everything must sooner or later, The Ordeal of Patty Hearst becomes a made-for-TV movie

Sophia Loren hits the memoirs market with a boost from Doris Day’s ghost, A.E. Hotchner

Elvis Costello, a rocking bundle of British idiosyncrasies, conquers with Armed Forces

Paul Newman searches in vain for meaning in the desolation of director Robert Altman’s Quintet

Star Tracks 74

Tony Randall goes Mickey Mouse

Leon Spinks mouths off

Margaux & Mariel Hemingway go Latino

John Belushi fraternizes with Superman

Jockey Johnny Longden takes the cake

People Puzzle 102

Chatter 114